You can say hello to Alexa now to perform a thing that you do every day

If Alexa does not generate a good chance, it won't be because of this great use in homes in Europe. Even for those that do serve many functions like timers, which can be used for cooking and more. The updated version allows you to say hello!

If Alexa does not generate the expected benefit, then it won’t happen because of the high use that it makes for every home in Europe. Not only for functions such as timers, which can be used for cooking purposes, but also for functions such as timers. I updated this as we can say hello to the Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 10, then stop one.

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Alexa will use the new gesture.

Thanks to the Verge, it’s clear that Amazon has updated the Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 10, so you can stop the timer with your hand and with a gesture that looks like a greeting.

That’s to say that while leaving the hand just a few feet off from the two other two of the two double-digit television shows, you can stop the actual timer.

She waved her hand.

Android is free.

This is really a very important new feature for those moments that we’re in a task and our fingers are dirty. This means that we won’t be able to click on the screen or even use our voice to stop a timer.

A novelty that comes to the Echo Show when Google has already made sure to use gestures to stop or stop a song or video. If you want Alexa gestures, use the device to try this section.

Two different novels are also available.

Let’s talk text.

The free Android app is available for download.

Accessibility is one of the most important issues of this update for the Echo Show. There are two Consolidated captions. These are a way to disable three functions for the subpoena on the Echo Show, In-call captions, so that they can be received in real time, Subtitles to read any audio content on the screen; Yes, Alexa subtitles are to the wizards answer.

I would appreciate it if you speak text for smart displays, so that you can interact with Alexa from keys instead of voice, and also make it appear useful to the user.

The assistant is loud enough to say that to the child that it means to type text on screen this is to be said. A novelty designed for people with speech troubled. That latter feature is coming in Fire tablets as well.

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