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The 1923 series is going to be premiered this week on Paramount. The second prequel of the much-watchedThe Yellowstone series will unveil new details on the Dutton family. Here we must watch this. When to watch 1923 Paramount+ (signup to Paramount+ here) set the 1923 release date at 3 o'clock. ET/12 a.m. PT on Sunday, December 18. This series comes from Taylor.

1923 is the first to sign for Paramount+ this week.

The second book of the highly-coveted Yellowstone series will unveil new details about the Dutton family. Here is the time to watch.

How long did you watch 1923?

Paramount+ (sign on Paramount+ here) set the 1923 release date at 3 o’clock. PT on Sunday, December 18. The series comes from Taylor Sheridan and stars acting veterans Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. This cast includes both Brandon Sklenar,Darren Mann,Michelle Randolph, Dale des Assassins,Marley Shelton, Geraghty,Aminah Nieves,Julia Schlaepfer and Jerome Flynn.

1923 centers on the descendants of two generations as they struggle to survive historic drought, lawlessness, prohibition, and an epidemic of cattle theft. All the hard times that took place under the cloud of the Great Depression, which preceded the nation by almost a decade, reads the synopsis.

This upcoming video is produced by MTV Studios, 101 Studios and Bosque Ranch Productions. Healey, John Linson, Art Linson, David C. Glasser, Ron Burkle, Bob Yari and Ben Richardson are the executive producers.

The original Yellowstone series was founded by Sheridan and John Linson. This movie stars Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, and many more. The series is airing in the first half of Season 5, with the second half going on for 2023.