2G Wireless Controller Review. 8BitDo Ultimate: 2,4g Wireless Controller Review

Your trusty friend for Xbox Game Pass has a name, called the Ultimate 2.4G Wireless Controller. There are companies that advocate another feature. That is the case of 8BitDo, a company that is, among other things, [] in the past.

The Ultimate USB 2.4G PC is your trusted friend of Xbox Game Pass.

In the technological age where controls are increasingly complex, with more precision, comfort, and accessibility, there are companies that advocate another feature. This is the case of 8BitDo, a company which has been characterized, among other things, by launching hardware for retro devices, and even specialized pads for different classic consoles. This time, with the Ultimate Controller series, they don’t travel to the past, but to the present to provide an ongoing, standard-based, platform-based, user-centered, and based on current needs. We have a range of these available, namely the “User 2.4 G Wireless Controller”, which we will study below.

The other rivals meet.

To start, act as a warning for the ultimate 2.4G Wireless Controller. It will only be used for Android and PCs. That leaves the Xbox consoles aside, but, if were subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Im sure that it might be your best travel companion. Not only because of its reliability in controls, but because of a number of other features which help make our afternoon of addiction much more comfortable.

When we see this new controller, we see it is not far from what it looks like on the Xbox controller. We have the same layout of buttons, and a crosspiece. Of course, I noticed the softest buttons in this 8BitDo pad. I appreciate the importance of crossing the road, especially on the traverse. Everything else looks like the one seen in Microsoft’s flagship controller. You should remember the great job that Redmond did with their controller.

There are differences on the front, we’ve surely observed them. In this area, there are a few buttons that allow us to use the remote control to control the buttons as it would be. Even though a turbo mode is possible, particularly for those who kill them where they were just hammering buttons. The power button will then reverse its light distribution depending on the rest of the battery.

The back end is a different than usual, so it was in the upper part of the case dwhere it surprises with the triggers and a little surprise waiting for us at the back of the 2.4G Wireless Controller. All the top buttons are large, but they are perfectly fit to our hands. We can even install on his tour, For pros who want to take advantage of one hundred times a second in their online competitions.

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And speaking of playing like a pro, The buttons on the back seem to me successful. In fact, I personally find them better than those paddles we see on the Elite controllers released by Xbox. They keep the correct balance, but they’re not afraid to activate them accidentally when placing a finger, but as a result they can get us out of trouble by setting the hand over as many action actions in games. I’m really a good speaker. At the same time its probably the next evolutionary step for any controller.

Could you repeat that to me, please?

There’s one thing that’s not really clear when you’re carrying the Universal Wireless Controller in your hands. Things aren’t explained well, and this can lead to mistakes and disappointments. As I said before, this pad 8BitDo isn’t valid on any console. Not even for any Android device, because it must meet certain requirements: that it is updated with version 9.00 and that it’s compatible with OTG. That is, mice, USB sticks, adapters, etc. can be connected. If you want to configure it correctly, Raspberry Pi is also compatible.

Everything works with a small 2.4G receiver that comes in the base of the charging point. Receiver and the instructions are not on the other hand indicated. It must be said that the telephony response is excellent. You have no feeling of playing late or late. Everything’s running pretty well. Of course, the control when you connect cable to the PC is extremely responsive.

Find a second-time friend.

This controller isn’t compatible with Xbox consoles. There is a box that says that the 2.4G Wireless Controller is only compatible with Android and PC. However, I was hoping that at least one cable would have to be used. It’s a shame that 8BitDo hasn’t opened up to making more universal controllers. Fortunately, We have a long list of pads that are compatible with our consoles on its official website, and this one will certainly match our style of playing and our console.

The ultimate 2.4G Wireless Controller achieved by 8BitDo.

All those who have already checked 8BitDo know their quality. The 2.4G Wireless Controller is only a feature, and the handle, the material and the buttons are all very well designed. It’s something the Xbox controller has to envy. By addition, it gives us some buttons that I find very important (and accessible) on the rear of the controller. There is no doubt that you already want to have a game where those two extra buttons would be great.

These aren’t just joys, they are far from them. Despite the fact that the controller works very well with the receiver in its base, the limited power that the controller has makes it subtract points. Our device needs a compatible USB port, and the instructions in this box cannot specify some remotes functionality. Even if the Xbox game passes on the PC, the Android or any Raspberry Pi owners, this new controller is coming soon.

2.4G Universal Wi-Fi Controller.


  • Goodness and ergonomics.
  • You can configure your buttons from a variety of angles.
  • The buttons on the back of the controller are gorgeous.

  • Its usage is limited to PC, Android, and RaspBerry Pi.
  • Notices and information for use manifest themselves as long as they don’t use words.

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