A Tomb Raider will arrive thanks to Amazon, should we tremble?

"Mister's robber" It's one of those sagas which are already part of the usual scenario in the world of game games. We have had it with us since 1996, and it's been through different periods, though the last is surely one of the best because of the quality of the title.

These sagas are already in the usual stage of the game. We had this with us since 1996 and have used different periods, although the last one may be the best because of the performance of the games that Crystal Dynamics has created, thanks to the Lara Croft in survival mode which took advantage of the technical potential of games like the PS4 and Xbox One.

The Amazon account is entering the area.

A lot of people thought that if this trilogy survivor of a grave robber was able to read, the franchise scoreboard would be reset with other projects practically in the same way. Crystal Dynamics found the way and remained silent for it. But then it happened, with Square-Enix, who owned the original rights, and sold much of the Eidos old intellectual property to a company called Embracer Group.

At that time, the most dedicated fans of grave robber who stopped were in fear of the abbyss who opened their feet. What will happen to Lara Croft? Have you got many great games like that of old? Now, we have good news. It seems that the continuity of the famous series, originally created by Core Studios until it was completely destroyed by Crystal Dynamics, will return sooner than it looked possible.

Suddenly, a stranger entered the room. A company who knows everyone and wanting to become someone in this video game recently. Google has taken over the role of the editor and announced the next grave robber. Thanks to your special support, the best possible product will come to the rescue. It is true that there is nothing else, but the money and the desire to conquer the area that isn’t lacking in Jeff Bezos, therefore we can now expect the best results.

How will the new Tomb Raider be conceived?

However, new installment of the adventures of Lara Croft hasn’t revealed its title yet, if all it takes is so to be true: we haven’t seen it yet, but in the end, what time will we get out of the adventurers life relive we will have to live forever. As soon as you can say this is all you need to do is support for that. As soon as you are ready, you will need to protect your right against sin.

Of course, the image used to make the announcement is brilliant, but it’s not the same as the emblem used to describe the alleged robbery. We don’t know whether that will be the one they designed for the first time to catch and declare the news. We don’t know if they will just leave the stage on which they will be doing, or even if they can begin a new stage and see the news from the beginning. Honestly, the first would scare us greatly, but the second would not be able to find it difficult to reunite with the Square-Enix legacy.

Any doubt, the announcement will soon be completed. Though, yes, don’t expect an imminent release. How about 2024?