Adam Driver is stealing a bunch of Dinosaurs. Sign Me Up at the entrance sign

After the first trailer has fallen, heres everything that we know about that new movie, from actor Sam Raimi to the writers of The Quiet Place.

I’m a simple girl. I see Adam Driver, starring in an sci-fi flick in which he apparently shoots at dinosaurs, and so I send a long video message to everyone from the fandom friends. I again embarrass myself with the crush on that man.

I must confess 65 directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods as interesting as they come. And that I’m very surprised to not be able to figure out that, considering that preproduction was starting until September 2020.

Although it’s not too late to catch up, there are still a couple of months to spare of us from the release date, and to be honest, it’s still unclear how much the film has been like before. Now that the first trailer got on the line, here is a recap of what is in the past.

That’s what is 65 o’clock?

The official synopsis from the 65 trailer tells us that, after a catastrophic crash on an unknown planet, pilot Mills quickly finds his actually stranded on the Earth 65 million years ago. We must finally come across an unknown gloom of prehistoric creatures by the time they find rescue.

Yes, Adam Driver shoots dinosaurs. In the movie trailer we find some dinosaurs, famous in the world’s history, that could be a massive predator, a T-Rex and a bigger, but not all the more vicious velociraptor. Thank you for my armchair paléontology degree.

Is there an avivan for 65?

You betcha.

What do we know about the cast?

Since Mills and Koa are supposed to be the only survivors of their spaceship crash, it’s no surprise that the cast list is pretty small. Besides Adam Driver, who plays a role at Mills, there are just two other names attached to the project: young actors Ariana Greenblatt and Chloe Coleman, who are still unknown.

(Sony Pictures)

A tiny group of humans, a hostile environment, hungry dinosaurs sound like the perfect recipe for a film that makes you jump out of your seat. A suspicion that hardly ever grows stronger is judging from the whos behind the camera. Both the two sitting on the executive chair, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, also developed the film and the film for the famedand most successful actor, A Quiet Place, which was directed by John Krasinski. Sam Raimi (who really doesn’t need an introduction) is the producer, and he got up with his long-time collaborator Danny Elfman to score 65. Like I said, everything’s about getting you out of your seat.

When will the film release?

It’s a good thing that we won’t have to wait too long to watch 65 in cinemas. The trailer was announced along with the announcement that the film would hit theaters on March 10, 2023. Will 65 live up to our expectations? How good are you this spring?

(Featured image: Sony Pictures)