After five years of development, creator Ken Levine has finally unveiled Judas

Squint, and it looks a little like BioShock, but not BioShock. In fact, this new game is Judas. but it comes from Ken Levine (owner of BioShock) and ghost story game (Working with the crew who worked on BioShock) so you can see why you think it is the same. Previous interviews have [] [] shown [strong] reactions.

Squint, and it looks a little like BioShock, but it’s not Bioshock. In fact, this new game is Judas.but it’s from Ken Levine, a ghost story game, working with the crew on BioShock so you can see why you think it’s like this game.

The fact that it was observed in previous interviews that the game was immersive is an interesting gesture. But, even though it wasn’t clear in the trailer, there was much to discern.

Take a look at the trailer and get used to it.

According to the developer, that ephemera for the game is here.

The disintegrating galaxy is the solution. A desperate escape plan. Judas are a mysterious and troubled man. Your only hope of survival is to join your worst enemy, or break it. Will you work together to save what you broke or let it burn?

We’ve heard previously that the new game Ken Levines builds on Shadow of Mordor and will become more challenging than BioShock. For the first time, we heard about this title, that it was stuck in development hell, but due to the trailer embedded above, the trailer seems to have defeated it.

Judas doesn’t have a date for release, or even a window. It looks like a real addition to current-gen, as it only exists in PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Windows PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. The game has been developing for five years, but it is also on hold because the future of the game – so the chance that it will soon be a perfect start for the future!