After the sci-fi movie, work on the world’s tallest structure has been begun

The line ought to be completely mirrored. Update: Apparently the Megaproject The Line is no longer planning. Satellite images show that construction work has already begun. Space exploration video from the MIT Technology Review shows massive excavation efforts in Saudi Arabia. Red dots []

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Update, December 16, 2022: Apparently the mega project The Line didn’t only come in. Satellites show that construction has already begun. These images of SOAR-Project (Satellite for Orbital Aerodynamics Research) via the MIT Technology Review show massive excavations in the desert of Saudi Arabia. The red dots on the second of the following images are intended to mark excavators:

(Source of images: SOAR).

(Photo source: SOAR)

The most beautiful building on the Arabian Peninsula is the original message from August 29. In recent years the Dubai emirate has made a name for itself. For example, this hotel is an amazing one in the world. It’s 321 meters tall and is a sail sail. In fact, the Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building at an elevation of almost 830 meters, is the tallest building at the moment.

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What is the tallest structure in the world?

But what Saudi Arabia is planning now surpasses everything by far. And that isn’t literal, lengths are here the entire program. Because the Middle East is on the verge of creating a city design that makes up two parallel and interwoven skyscrapers, which are all said to be 500 meters high and 120 kilometers long. Since they run a bit between them, the total length of this megaproject should be 170 kilometers. Take a look at the promotional video below The Line an:

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The line should be part of the planned urban park, and it is going to be home to nine million people one day. The focus of that concept is the vertical arrangement, which wants to be able to meet all of the resident needs on different levels without having to go long distances. Schools, parks, homes, etc., to survive and the rest should be accessible in five minutes. In addition, clean energy is not permitted.

When would that project be accomplished? The first phase will be completed in 2030; the Line will be fully occupancy-ready by 2045. The cost is 500 billion dollars.

Compare to the Great Wall of China.

A measure of 6.5 million km, China’s Great Wall is the world’s tallest structure. Nonetheless, it is not a continuous structure, it’s a network of sections that one of the longest of which is 2,400 km long. The main wall is significantly better and slightly lower than The Line, which is why the Arabian mega-project could become the world’s largest single structure.

There are also criticisms that The Line is too loose.

As exciting as this mega-project may look, there are downsides. To be loud so would the Guardian at least 20 000 members of the provinces of the Huwaiti tribe will be displaced. In April 2020, tribal activist Abdul-Rahim al-Huwaiti was shot dead after protesting publicly his eviction.

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There are also doubts concerning The Line, due to the fact that it is supposed to be possible to get from one end to the other with a train in about twenty minutes. A train would have to cover less than 600 kilometers an hour, especially during acceleration, brake and intermediate traffic. It remains to be seen whether this is real.

What is the project, in what way do you think? Would you like something like that to be implemented in real time, or do you think it’s a problem?