Apple is going to allow third parties to pay the rate on the iPhone for the App Stores

Apple was certainly in a little trouble in his dealings with the European Union. Firstly they're having to come under new regulations that for 2025 all smart devices sold in the region must respect a USB-C charging standard, and then, of course, you also have [] all of it now.

Apple has certainly had a bit of an unfriendly year in terms of its deal with the European Union. Firstly they must take advantage of new regulations that by 2025 all smart devices sold in the region must adhere to a USB-C charging standard, then then finally, the whole business of their App Store, the latter having long been criticised as anti-competition, a popular issue in Apple and its customer base.

While Apple had a slightly stiff mind to agree to the upcoming USB-C case, its stance on the latter has always been somewhat more resilient. A report by Bloomberg found that Apple might finally be getting ready for an untapped knee, so that third-party apps will likely soon arrive on the iPhone in the end of next year.

Apple to finally open the doors to third-party apps!

If you don’t find out this move, don’t lose it. No one should, of course, be the one who got the experience for a visit of three ghosts by the night. They’re working on this because they know, with a very strong amount of certainty, that the EU will mandate that, like the USB-C charging standard, Apple will have to rely on and allow both third-party apps and more, the ability to download manual downloads of files and programs from websites.

The only mildly curious question we aren’t yet aware of is whether this third-party app store will remain limited to Europe or not.

Is Apple likely to like this? The idea is that it isn’t feasible. By then again, these third-party providers will certainly live or die by the quality of their content. If it’s mostly just spam and adware riddled shovelware, Apple might find that a little competition actually makes their own platform look significantly better.

If you agree with this, then your opinion of the facts will always be interesting.

What do you think, though?