Apple made gifts for Christmas for us. We haven’t received them for a long time now

I may have forgotten your memory, but Apple gave Christmas gifts to everyone. Im not talking about discounts on a purchase or anything like Black Friday: giveaways in strict sense, they gave you something free in exchange for nothing for twelve days. But for a few who are interested...

Perhaps you’ve lost your memory, but Apple made many gifts for Christmas. It isn’t just about discounts on purchases, but on Saturdays, i said. If you want to make money, they offered them nothing for twelve days.

The giveaway campaign lasts for several years. That’s a shame, but it was a moment that made us happy with Apple’s customers. When you are old, you will never have any more gift.

Games, music, and more are downloadable.

An app from the App Store was also commissioned to redeem something every day. In 2013, for example, the Single by Justin Timberlake and the song by Lorde. In 2010, a song from Juanes was given.

We even saw how they came to offer the movie Home Alone free for everyone. If you did that in the morning, you should still have it in your buying history. My memory hardly recalls how many paid games were also offered, with only 24 hours for free exchange.

We don’t take out games or songs that can be given to us anymore. We subscribe to the content.

Then after 12 days in December, the last day we woke up to a little gift from Apple ready for exchange. Apple has decided to abandon this gesture for ten years now. It’s no surprise that companies’ revenue has steadily grown ever since. Why can’t you blame that?

My answer is to think about how the industry changed since then. We don’t download apps or any other content anymore, we subscribe to them. We don’t buy films anymore, we subscribe to films catalogs. And it’s the same as sing. Today, the app store isn’t that app that we look for new features.

It’s very interesting to see how a month of advertising was offered to a service such as Apple TV. Sometimes, sometimes, for everyone, sometimes for those who had specific products such as LG TVs. Sometime we might enjoy these services for free.

Imagen | Mel Poole