Ash and Pikachu are becoming famous for their Pokemon anime

The final chapter of the story about Ash and Pikachus starts. After the Pokemon anime's finish, one of the new characters are being given the new characters.

The final chapter of the game “Ast and Pikachus” is starting, and after all the Pokemon anime get two new protagonists.

If there was ever a concept that the protagonist “Sash-ash” existed in real-time in the Pokemon anime, it’s safe to say that the creators gave up on this long time. The aspiring Pokémon Master left home at age 10 when Pokemon anime started in 1997. Today he is fully 10 years old, in the US and only in Japan.

But last month, the 10-year-old Satoshi achieved the goal he’s been chasing for 25 years after winning the Pokemon World Championship. It was an emotional moment, but as the excitement sounded, fans couldn’t wait to see if it was as though Satoshis journey would also end, and so was a series of announcements from Pokemon animes producers who confirm that that’s true.

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On Friday, I announced a special episode commemorating the path which Satoshi and Pikachu have walked for 25 years. The film Pocket Monsters-The Distant Blue Sky is set to air on TV Tokyo on December 23 and animates it all while reassembling the artists from the original 1997 Pokemon anime scene.

Video Preview for Pocket Monsters – The Distant Blue Sky.

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The announcement of a new arc from the Pocket Monsters anime, named Pocket Monsters-Mezase Pokemon Master, was quickly followed by announcing the announcement on January 13. Now that you’re a champion, how close have you got to becoming a Pokemon Master? Satoshi is asked in the video preview below. It promises the return of Satosis original traveling companions Kasumi/Misty and Takeshi/Brock. But the more impactful words come when the narrator says this is The final chapter of Satoshi and Pikachus.

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So here’s the real kicker. A statement posted to Pokemon animes official website, both in English and Japanese, has been given: “On the Pokemon animes website is this website’s official website, there is also a saying: “Yeah!

Pokemon TV is open to all fans.

Ash and his pikachu jumped out of Pallet on their way to meet a lot of Pokemon, saw many people, made new friends and went along to a different town, where they continued on.

Luckily, we had to watch Ash and his Pikachu take a leap. It’s really what you, all the supporters. We want to express our sincere gratitude.

Starting at January 2023, Pokemon: Mezase Pokemon Master will begin, which will answer the long-standing question of what exactly the Pokemon Master Ash is looking to become.

Now a new series of Pokemon TV animations to be launched from April 2023. Assembling a new character, Liko and Roy will appear in the new series. In the new Pokemon TV animated series, the camera will take the adventures of the duo.

It was not easy to find out how and when to share this news. Today is the day when we decided that Ash and Goh were going to be here for you.

Our whole team is going to continue working hard in order to bring you the fantastic Pokemon animation filled with dreams and adventures. Please expect a sequel to Pokemon.

And sure enough, there’s already a teaser trailer, released in April 2023, the new series Pocket Monster showed a new main character Liko and Roy, but neither Satoshi nor Pikachu.

Change in the Poke-guard was in many ways inevitable. Although the anime character characters do not appear in Pokemon video games, the two branches of the franchise usually progress with full utmost confidence. When a new mainline Pokemon goes out, Satoshi moves out and finds a new area of the game. Among other things, the original Pokemon, the Pocket Monster, is featured in this game. If he finds out that he is a full-fledged Pokemon champion, it won’t seem too many dramas to come from him that could catch Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly, the starter Pokemon from the recently released Pokemon Scarlet and Violets Paldea region, the next stop on the Pokemon anime’s itinerary. It’s probable that Satoshi will continue playing Pokemon Trainers but can’t make more effort, and that would probably force him to stop.

Outside the film, there is also the fact that Sunoshi and Pikachus Japanese-language voice actresses Rika Matsumoto and Ikue Otani are now in their 50s. As long as the anime is written and executed, a long-term recast would be extremely difficult, even if it wasn’t the core of the anime’s writers, which would be appropriate to continue to confront the masses, if they didn’t make it to the hollywood.

Even if it seems like Sami and Tadia are ending with something, its a bittersweet moment for fans who grew up with, and maybe even watched their own children grow up with the Pokemon anime protagonist. Thankfully, Satoshi is getting time for a denouement that gives us a detachment of my best experiences over the last 25 years and find what is necessary to take up from this experience and cherish him for the rest of his life, and is exciting.

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