Ash Ketchum English VA – says that the characters are imminent to retire

Well, by now, you know what Ash Ketchum and Pikachus have started to see in Pokémon anime. Possibly we will see the final part of their journey through a special 11-episode series entitled Aim to be a Pokemon Master, which will begin to air on December [[.]

As soon as you know, you may already know, that the adventures on Pokemon upcoming Ash Ketchum and Pikachus are beginning to end. It seems that the final chapter of their journey is seen through a special 11-episode series titled “The aim is to become a Pokemon Master”. This series will air on the 13th and 13.

And now Sarah Natochenny, who’s been voicing Ash since 2006, shared a message with the fans today. She says the role was an extraordinary privilege and that no matter what is beyond his last chapter, he will live forever in the hearts of generations to come. I will keep her present for us all in every way possible. Her tweet ‘Howes Come Out’ is beneath.

It has been an extraordinary privilege to hear Ash Ketchum’s voice in these 17 years. He will live in the hearts of many generations he has to be the second.

Sarah Natochenny (@sarahnatochenny) December 16, 2022

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