Assumption: the live game Hunter x Hunter stage is the first in nearly 20 years. It reveals in-costume castVid and/or video of a young person in a game of a throne

The last time we saw a play of the movie "Band of the Year" was the first to have a TV adaptation.

One more time a show a Hunter x Hunter was opened in the movie Star of a series to anime/manga.

These days are really good when he is a Hunter. The long-running shonen series recently restarted serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump. A new collection, which went on sale last month, was a new volume and there is still a chance to catch the ongoing exhibition of Yoshihiro Togashi’s art.

And now there’s another thing that fans should think about, but also the anime/manga series: The first one of three years Hunter and Hunter have been getting ready for their first live-action stage play.

The casting was announced, and in-costume photos released for the game Hunter x Hunter The Stage will open in the spring and be the first for the franchise since 2004. Although Obviously, there’s no way of a Hunter x Hunter story without the protagonist Gon, that role is going to Shion Otomo.

Unlike many young anime heroes, movies like which have been largely forgotten for decades, Gons age is also probably more age-old, but has a tendency to be between 12 and 14 years old. I’m just 15, who’s so young that when a game from Hunter x Hunter was completed, he’s still not even born.


Official site ( December 14, 2022.

With Gon taking the stage while being his core compadres, Killua (played by Nichika Akutsu) is a dunk whose teeminging mate in the dance.

Kurapika (Yuki Ogoe)

and Leorio (Shori Kondo).

Haruki Kiyama, who’s named Hisoka, is also cast members.

Kandai Ueda as Illumi, Kandai.

Keigo Kitamura as Silva is.

Yusaku Kawasaki as Hanzo.

Shumatsu as Zeno.

Koki is called Milluki.

Hiro Otaka as Netero.

Shogo Tazuru as Goto.

Hunter x Hunter The Stage The stage opens May 12 at the Galaxy Theater (ask.a. Ginga Gekijo is located in the Tennozu district of Tokyo and runs until September 28th. Ticket reservations haven’t finished yet but will be available on the plays’ official website here once they do.

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