Avatar 2: What does Kiri like more than other Navis & Why can he control Eywa?

We completely frightened from the avatar 2 movie, and there was a lot of questions still in our heads following the three-hour movie. We've been ignorant about the gods of the Navi people, and one of the bigger questions we asked ourselves about revolved around Kiri. Avatar 2: Why Is Kiri Different Than Other Navi and How Can She Contain Eywa Read More Why?

After the three-hour film, many questions remain in our head. There’s an unidentified story about the Navi people, and one of the biggest questions we asked ourselves, was about Kiri. She is different, and more powerful than the first one is, so why is she different and how can she control Eywa?

It’s unclear why Kiri is different from the Navi-members or why she can control Eywa. If there is any mystery in the third installment of the Avatar franchise, the mystery will probably be revealed. There have been 3 more installments, so the secrets of the Navi, Eywa and Kiri could be revealed later.

Factual knowledge aside. How would we explain to you a little precise detail why Kiri is and how she can control Eywa? The two films were long and detailed enough for us to do just that. Here, all of this piece will take a look at the nitty-gritty details of the past, present, and future of Kiris.

Who is Kiri?

Kiri is one of the daughters of Neytiri and Sully. Biologically, she’s the daughter of a deceased scientist, Grace Augustine played by Sigourney Weaver, who supported Jake and other scientists in fighting against the threat that was the Sky People in Avatar 1.

Kiri, along with his brothers and sisters, is considered a freak because she’s a half-blooded woman. The half-bloods are different from those of the Navi because they’re very similar to their friends. And because they have a little more than five fingers on their hands, and instead of the typical 4 but in her case she’s not like the brothers and sisters, why’s she still different?

That might be that Kiri is a Tsahik, like her grandmother, Moat, who can speak with Eywa, translate her will, and guide the clan to what they desire them, which they believe is best for them, rather than simply explain them it and explain it to you later.

Grace Augustine was a scientist who didn’t share the broken values with other Sky People. She wanted to know the Navi and Pandora and connect with them via Eywa. She was an outcast as a person and Navi, but always continued to maintain the truth and what was the case. She died after Jake and the other scientists escaped the chamber they were put in with a rogue pilot. Colonel Quaritch shot her in the attempt to escape to death to reach her death.

Jake brought her to Hometree for Moat to try to bring her consciousness to her avatar body, but she was too weak. She remained with Eywa’s soul and memories, and perhaps she could be the first person to have no connection to Eywa before that that is now part of her. Grace’s avatar body remains remained in place and remained in the room.

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The mystery of Kiris came out.

Whenever Grace was born, how exactly was Kiri born? While her avatar body has no spirit to make it alive, physically, she has as much life as any other soldier or man from the Navi. Her body was kept in a lab so anyone would impregnat her. This is the theory that Spider and Loak came up with, who decided to mess with Kiri during one of the first scenes of the second movie, based on their theory. They theorized that Norm Spellman is his father because he might have loved Grace when he was alive.

Jake and Neytiri say it was a miracle and did not think much of it. They knew they were ready to care and love for the child like the ones their own. But it happened so soon! Kiri came up, and she became a member of the Sully family. They don’t see her as being different and discriminate against her, they’re family and that’s all that matters to them.

A gift to honor Grace.

Kiri could be a gift from Eywa to Jake, who fought as Toruk Macto after losing his good friend Grace. She may be a genius of Grace, but she is a member of the Navi peoples body a since Grace dedicated her life and thus sacrificed her life for the company of Pandora and Eywa.

How exactly does Kiri control Eywa?

The biggest link Eyva has to have with him is a Tsahik who can converse with her and follow her in spite of being unable to control her. No one can control Eywa. Yawa means just to be a friend of Pandora. Eywa is more or less a metaphysical entity, though the Navi believe there’s places where she operates, like Hometree from Avatar.

All beings in Pandora are connected with Eywa by neural pathways. It sounds like the brain of Kiri who can access these neural pathways spiritually to control the beings, act together with the sea creatures, and admire every aspect of Pandora, so as to see everything so simple as sand. She has immense power. But her only reason for the works is Kiri is pure, and Eywa gave her the gift because she was worthy. Why would Eywa do that, and why would it be to Kiri?

What does it mean to control Eywa?

I don’t think that you can control Eywa; Eywa can be controlled. It seems that Oywa chose Kiri to deliver her will in a way not known in so far because a Tsahik cant do what Kiri does. A Tsahik relies on the communication channels and asks for its blessings on Pandora.

The only reasonable explanation to why Kiri cannot control all living things on Pandora is because she is Eywa herself. I think about this, her conception remains a mystery, and she was brought into this world through a body of an Avatar which belongs to Eywa, and Eywa never does anything without reason.

When they returned to Pandora, they were able to escape the storm and then leave and repeat the same mistakes they made when they inhabited the world. They returned as a huge threat, not only wanting to mine the unobtainium, but also to destroy Pandora, not just because they live the Planet. They also must destroy forests, mountains, and seas, eradicate the threat of the moss, create roads, make buildings, and live unsustainable life.

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If you kill a tree or a creature that has roots in Pandora, you kill Eywa essentially. Even Eywa will likely not take matters into her own hands because she only seeks balance, but will help the family in the midst of the Sully family in restoring their balance. Assume that the theory that Kiri is a physical embodiment of Eywa isn’t true. In this case, we can at least theorize that she’s the ultimate Tsahik who can communicate with Eywa through others than those known.