Bardo Truese Chronology: When Your Faith & Imagination Come to Life, Every One’s Dreams, & the Universe Come

An edgy novel in the book "The Handful of Truths" by Bardo False follows a renowned Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker on his travels of self-discovery.

Bardo False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths is a Mexican black comedy-drama film directed and co-written by Alejandro G. Inarritu and Nicolas Giacobone. This film was originally released in several theatres and is now available in several countries on Netflix. In addition, it marks the first film of the same name to be shot in Mexico since the 2000s.

The film stars Daniel Gimenez Cacho as Silverio & Diego Tello de Meneses, Griselda Siciliani as Lucia Gama, Ximena Lamadrid and Lorenzo / Jay O. Sanders as Ambassador Jones, Andrés Almeida as Martin, Ruben Zamora, Mar Carrera as Lucero, Fabiola Guajardo as Antonio, José Antonio Toledano as Juan Escutia, Maria Cobar and Fern

The movie is described in Netflix’s description:

The acclaimed journalist and documentarian goes on a symbiosis-induced journey to reconcile with the past, the present and his identity.

The “Rinse of the Truths” book by David False has no Spoilers.

Bardo is an incredible, visually stunning experience, set against the intimate and moving journey of Silverio, a famous Mexican journalist and film filmmaker living in Los Angeles. He aims to return to his native country, without knowing that this simple trip will bring him to an existential limit. The folly of his memories and fears has turned it around to make the present an unforgettable experience.

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With an intense imagination and profound laughter, Silverio enquises about, universally, and intimate questions about identifying, success, mortality, and the history of Mexico and the deeply emotional familial relationship of his wife and children. And in these very peculiar times it’s all very peculiar.

This film starts in strange way with a wide aerial shot of a desert. Why was that filmmaker making so much of a long introduction film? Suppose he wanted to introduce something that would attract your attention instantly? As you move from the scene to the next, you are never able to be prepared for what’s coming.

Even from Bardo’s false story of the Handful of Truths hasn’t been told.

After normal birth, you’ll see some weirdness and a bit disgusted but that’s your story, how the film will show you that you must do something beyond your rational thinking. You’re asking why it’s so nonlinear and transitioning from one thing to the other? The answer is the title.

Bardo is a tibetan term that means period of transition from death to life. It’s an existence where people will live and what happens in life in these moments is all about it. I think, in explaining this, I am giving away very much, but I believe that would give a lot of clarity about the story.

If you do that and only take it, it’s just a story, where a journalist, who, while life, gets through his emotions, is so afraid of a lie or a lie, when you create something and put it in front of the world. This vivid image captures the inner anxieties of an artist, who doesn’t recognize themselves and realizes their truth.

After the truth of Bardo, a False Chronicle of a Handful of truths remains at present.

The film also exposes the dilemma of the first generation immigrant, they move to another place for a better future but feel like the next generation doesn’t value their roots as much. That conflict often hurts his parent and child. However, Silverio gets involved and we can see the relationship between him and his family.

The author’s fake Chronicle of a handful of truths is a true story.

It’s a journey to the world created by oneself. A moment in time, silverios memories and imagination are a real part of our screen. This happens more often at times mystical and mixes reality with fantasy. They’re mind-bending and don’t make sense, but as a subject of an introspection, our minds are no different and our thoughts go from zero to 100 very quickly and without logic. If you’re to speak something with dignity, then you’ll surely notice it a bit of a difference.

Bardo False Chronicle of a Handful of Truth is currently streaming on Netflix.

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