BMW V6M Battery Solid State Its New Design Never Loses Capacity

Even though EVs may still be a major factor in the future, there are certainly plenty of factors to be fixed before a decision is reached. A matter of ethics comes in the mining of materials.

Although it looks like electric vehicles may be a crucial factor in the medium-term future of automotive design, there are certainly still more than a few factors that need to be fixed before they will be supported. That’s why there is a critical question of ethics about the mining of materials used in batteries. You have the question of where all the power to run them will come from. Not to mention the actual infrastructure problem is that people living on a Victorian street have access to a chargeable car.

One major factor is that under the current design, the batteries used in vehicles only have a long lifespan. If they are to blame, they can be recharged a few times before the original 100% turns into more like 30% — but instead it’s more like a normal iPhone. Unfortunately, after a report from the Independent, BMW announced a new Battery Model, which, at the least according to them, has the problem solved by the whole system!

Yes, BMW might have just created a battery that never loses 100% of the charge!

BMW upgrades the Solid State Battery.

In an attempt to introduce it to a revolutionizing design, BMW said they’ve found a way to take away one of the most notable issues of lithium-ion batteries. When they test the new battery, they claim that after more than 300 recharge cycles, the new battery didn’t lose any of its original capacity. Why is that important? Well, not only does this largely increase the potential long-term lifespan of an electric car, but can clearly be transferred over to virtually anything with a battery.

Yes, BMW may have just discovered a way to live on your iPhone for a day-to-day basis for more than five years! I’m not sure what Apple will think about that though I’m not sure what Apple will think about it.

Although there is still a long way to go, the manufacturing process is far away from an final product, with BMW saying they have to find a way to get more refined. The EV industry needs that refinement in general.

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