Brown Dust 2 (that totally sounds like a Fart) will take place in January

Neowiz announced that their strategy RPG,Brown Dust 2 will host an Early Access Test from January 10, 2023 through January 17, 2023.

Brown Dust 2 is the request of Brave Nine, previously named Brown Dust. During the test, players can see a new cartridge allowing players to play different events that vary throughout various genres.

Brown Dust 2 is a 2D mobile game where players travel the past through memories of the past but are designed to be modernized by the console cartridge system. Each cartridge has a fun journey through the multiverse. These what if scenarios offer viewers an unique experience with a distinct structure that separates the actions from the arc.

A released trailer shows how vocal talent in the game is perceived. People will be treated to the dubbing process seen in the eyes of Jung Hye-won, Kim Young-sun, Chase Kyeol, and Yeo Min-jeong. This very talented actor will be shown voicing their interpretation of certain games characters, such as Justia, Lathel, Gray and Scheherazade.

Brave Nine Story was released recently in the west as a visual novel adaptation of the series. Players learn more about the characters and their relationships.

A flurry of dust will be released soon!