Can I determine whether the Zillow Listing is Creepy or Incredible

There's a new home stager on Zillow. But he's just having one question, what do you like most scary movie?

This is a nightmare. Many millennials and Gen Z-ers accepted the fact they’re likely to never own property. In that modern housing market, the horror of life is believable, even Ghostface appears in the Zillow catalog.

Ghostface, the masked murderer of the iconic Scream franchise, is here. Everybodys favorite campy slasher has come back and he’s trying to sell a house to you.

(Paramount Pictures)

The Ghostface scream franchises have often been the biggest iterations of many, however, many times it’s hard to track them all. Although the latest version of Ghostface isn’t going to come back, one can say that as far as you can imagine, the reality is that it’s a real estate agent, or maybe a house stager? It’s honestly hard to tell.

There are now images in the digital world of Ghostface performing mundane tasks in a listed home. In the list, Ghostface is doing laundry in a spacious laundry room with new washer and dryer units that look like they have all those fancy settings that don’t need a dry cleaner. Here’s a picture of Ghostface lounging in the tub of newly renovated bathroom, which looks like marble tile, a big rainfall shower head, a great storage space, and a window that will definitely help prevent molding in the future. Perhaps the best picture is a pretty wistful picture of Ghostface eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles in a kitchen with plenty of natural light. The oven on the picture is pretty new. Hopefully its a gas stovetop.

Twitter users posted this hilarious find quickly.

“Friendly-Neighbourhood” “Browser & Gruff” December 7, 2022.

After some internet sleuthing, it looks like this listing is in Florida, but with good luck this isn’t the only thing that is haunting that kind of real estate.

There is another Ghostface Zillow sighting in Minnesota, from all angles. Though this listing is less expensive, Ghostface does a fantastic job of highlighting natural wood and putting light fixtures into the space. The two-story building is going for $1144,000hopefully not come with the serial killer.

(photographical: Paramount Pictures)