Can you have the 15 days for free game today?

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The online store of Epics Christmas has gone back.

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It rains! Things aren’t uncommon at Christmas time, but if it is to be used in the Epic Games Store like last year, it’s particularly busy: every day, there’s an unlimited game for 15 days.

It’s not necessary yet. The free campaign is only valid for 24 hours. Therefore, that article, you should watch it with a day in every day! You will find out here soon. You could take your time with the last gift, and you might get it back within a week.

There are an estimated 500 items for the Christmas campaign, so please send us a copy of the Christmas tree in the Epic Games Store.

  • How long does free promotion last? This time, the campaign will last from December 15, 2022 to January 5, 2023. With 15 confirmed gifts and 22 days, you can pick up the last secret in the last week, like last year.
  • Does Christmas promotion replace Thursdays the usual games? Yes, it doesn’t exist at any time a weekly free promotion.
  • Where do I get this free game? Click the following button and go to the store where you can find the game for free. You all need a credit card. Once you’ve saved the game, it will still remain in the library, even when you uninstall it.

Today’s title appears on the Epic Games Store.

We show you the free game on the first page of this article. All the previous titles can be found on the second page.

The game is free today from Epic.

Horizon Chase Turbo.

Genre: retro racing game. Release: 15th. May 2018 | Offer valid until December 17-21.

If you want a love letter of the age-old arcade racing, you can now join thousands of raving reviewers on Steam for a Christmas present from Epic: This is Horizon Chase Turbo. Anyone who is deluded by the deliberately old-fashioned graphics is likely to miss many fun opportunities. I am looking for something of thought notwithstanding.

This racing game was previously featured on the Epic Store. Now it’s back to the Christmas party.

Because of the lack of power, the action takes place in front of a hard horizon that is generating a racetrack. The game clip shows what matters most to business.

How much do you like today’s gift? Are you a newbie in the next few days? Give this post, if you’re looking at the next free game.