Digimon Con 2023 had announced it would take place in February via YoTube

Bandai Namco announced that Digimon Con 2023 will stream on youtube, vtt tv on Saturday, 11 oct.

The event is free to watch because you have internet. Viewers can expect the following:

  • Toys: New information about the Vital Bracelet app collabb ovvio.
  • Card Battles: Japan is vs. the United States, and Japan is vs. China is vs. Japan.
  • Games: Updates for games.
  • Anime: The cast of Digimon Ghost Game and Digimon Frontier is made up of Anime: The panel based on the play of Digimon Frontier.
  • Live-performance by special guests: Live-performance by special guests.
  • Special News: Results of the Digital Illustration Competition 2023: first judging.

The new game announcement is a thing many readers are likely to be excited about. The publisher released the book Digimon World: Next Order on Nintendo Switch and PC. This information is probably a new game that is yet to be revealed. This year, players experienced a visual novel SRPG-Dung-Game experience with the release of Digimon Survive, which recently sold over 50 million units worldwide.

Keep up with the announcements from the Digimon Con for 2023.

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