Don’t pick the phone. Was the caller for the Stripes Ever Caught?

Has the Strip Search Caller Ever Caught? What is the true story behind David R. Stewart's euphoria?

Dont Pick up the Phoneis is a true crime documentary by Sara Mast. This documentary is devoted to the stripsearch caller who made a series of disturbing phone calls across the United States from 1995 to 2004. The series has 3 episodes with lengths of around 45 minutes.

Don’t take the phone as true story.

The documentary series uses real-life incidents where a person impersonates the police and calls fast-food restaurants around the U.S. These crimes began in 1995 with two calls, one in Devils Lake, North Dakota, and another inFallon, Nevada. The caller called several eateries until 2004, when Don’t pick up the phone began at a McDonald’s in Mount Washington, Kentucky.

After Louise Ogborn was abused by former manager Donna Summerss fiancee Walter Nix Jr., the police in Mount Washington were unable to alert the impersonator. The path to their goal was still not that easy. While the call ceased in Mount Washington, an employee was quick enough to call the *69 mark before a second call came by to McDonalds. That number got the fraudsters a reply.

The police took the phone, and found out what the impersonators called a card from AT&T called about: surveillance camera video videos from a Walmart in Panama City showed him becoming a correctional officer of the Corrections Corporation of America. In the end, the HR department helped identify the man who ended up looking for David R. Stewart.

After his arrest, the police found dozens of applications for police department jobs, hundreds of police magazines, and officers-style uniforms, guns and holsters in Stewart’s apartment, who had hoped to become a cop. The married man and father of five, Stewart, was eventually extradited to Kentucky on charges of impersonating a police officer and of soliciting sodomy.

Meanwhile, assistant manager Summers was fired from McDonalds because he brought a non-employee into the office and violated corporate policies prohibiting strip searches. She began a plea against Alford, and was convicted of a guilty charge of a crime on an abusive date of the day and got probation for a year. Nix was also arrested for sexual assault and pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct, and denied sexual use by the obscene party. He was sentenced to five years in prison for his role when he entered a plea agreement in exchange for his testimony against Stewart.

What did David R. Stewart make up for?

After the arrest, the stripper, who faces 10 to 20 years in prison, was acquitted of his crimes on a direct basis.

After Stewart’s arrest, the calls stopped.

Where is David R. Stewart now?

After being declared not guilty, David R. Stewart has stayed silent. He refused to appear in the film as soon as they discussed with him.

Don’t pick up the Phoneis based onNetflix.

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