Donald Glover is currently staring in a Spider-Man-Adjacent Movie!

This is such an exciting move and since it seems to be long for everyone but the reality is that Donald Glover in a Spider-Man movie is a dream to become real.

In exciting news, Donald Glover will finally film Spider-Man. Ok, that’s the kind of thing. He is starring in Sony’s Spider-Man villains in his own movies and bringing us a movie about the Hypno-Hustler. It’ll be directed by Glover and directed by Myles Murphy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sony has been creating a collection of Spider-Man villains and Spidey heroes in their own films, from the upcoming Venom to the new movie, The upcoming Barbie Web, and the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The more stories we’re telling about Spideys villains, the more we increase the universe becomes of age without having one single man to lead it. Despite this, the idea that Glover was joining Sony is awesome.

This is exciting because of a number of reasons. This is because of the time we’ve waited for Donald Glover to tackle a Spider-Man movie.

Donald Glovers history with the Spider-Man.

When Glover was on Community, fans began to dream that he was a Spider-Man, and as long as there was a fan cast, Miles Morales was created. I’m right here. I asked the writer to say that Miles Morales was based on Glover. As of 2014, we hoped that he would get his own spot in Spider-Man’s story. He has proved that he has no such name as an Uncle Aaron in the Miles Morales comics, as he hasn’t mentioned his nephew despite being labeled Aaron Davis.

It was the Nod that made many of us anxious that we would see Miles in the future of the MCU and while that may be still possible, this new move for Glover is simply a good example after all these years of conversation.

The Hypno-Hustler, originally considered one of the biggest Spider-Man villains, will work for Glover because he can essentially have clean slate and create the character in whatever way he wants. I don’t know. However, I think this would be quite cool to watch the movie, with Miles Morales, the actor. But what it took to tell us is, you were a bit curious.

Who is Hypno-Hustler?

(Marvel Comics)

As a singer and lead of Mercy Killers, Antoine Delsoin is a stage writer who follows the name Hypno-Hustler and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he feels familiar with music, despite bad rap that Hypno-Hustler gets, is that actor who leads the stage in a song that attracts Glover. He’s working to steal their reputation and to hypnotize the audience. Besides the acting, he gets on Peter Parkers radar when Peter goes to a club where the Mercy Killers are singing.

He’s basically a guy and loves his music and equipment so there’s a lot to adapt to a movie, and since he already has a negative label, attaching Glover and letting him work with Murphy to make these characters their own is a smart move.

It is such a strange move and has a long time gone, but the legend of Donald Glover, starring in a Spider-Man movie, is an illusion.

(righteous image: Sony Pictures).