Donald Trump adores $100 cards in memorable ads

Which is the best way to say this: Former US President Donald Trump sold all three of his trading cards with nearly $100 for each of the three cards. Good start! I don't have this card for some purpose. This is only the digital one which they have in sale. As an indication, TFTs are an intelligent blockchain that allows [] to use that technology.

Well, the best way to say that is that the former President of the US, Donald Trump, sold his trading cards by himself and charges nearly a thousand dollars for each card. You’re off the road. In fact, these aren’t ordinary playing cards. These cards are only available electronically. They’re sold as NFTs. Sadly, NFTs are a blockchain technology that allows digital content to be traced back to a designated owner.

The digitization of materials should be able to be significantly higher. They can’t be reproduced as much as it is. Or rather, it can be traced into that product and who owns it. You can learn more about NFT here.

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What exactly are NFTs?

Back to Donald Trump: It seems like that’s just a parody. The former president announced he’d make a big announcement yesterday. Most were expecting a political announcement here. Instead, Trump launched his own website for his trading cards and released a surreal trailer that is currently making the rounds on Twitter and Co. Do you think you should look closely?

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Donald Trump is a superhero.

The trailer shows what you can expect from trading cards. It always shows that Donald Trump is in very different situations. His head seems to be often seen as a picture of peoples bodies as well.

You can see more of the cards on the web. Trump as a superhero, Trump playing golf, Trump as an astronaut and Trump as a football coach. According to the website, these digital cards aren’t intended to be a project. For 99 dollars, the tickets are only intended for individual pleasure. Buyers only know which card after purchasing. A refund is not allowed.

Each of the 45,000 cards in total can have different rarities and there are 20 cards in total.

On the website you can see which tickets were available to buy from Trump.

The announcement immediately caused ridicule on social media. Even conservative comedians Keith and Kevin Hodge poked fun of Donald’s latest stunt on Twitter. Nevertheless, it looks like Trump is getting very well with his cards. A total of 45,000 NFTs have sold out, a value of over 4,4 million dollars has been estimated.

Dinner with Donald Trump.

According to the website, Trump also created a raffle with thousands of prizes. Every buyer of Trump’s tax returns is part of the raffle. He can win, among other things.

  • dinner with President Donald Trump.
  • A cocktail hour at his hotel Mar-A-Lago.
  • a talk-up with President Trump.
  • a zoom call with Trump.
  • An hour on a golf course of Trump’s worth for a long time.
  • a group meeting with Donald Trump.
  • A signed fan article was signed.
  • a gold NFT trading card.

In the trailer, says the self-proclaimed favorite president to: “I know when the price is good”, but that’s what we have. In addition to that, it isn’t really necessary to buy an NFT card, as it is to be part of the prize draw, or to gain cash. A letter of application mailed to interested parties can easily play golf with Trump for free, hope.

Why is Trump doing that?

Trump announced a few weeks ago that he was interested in a presidential election in 2024. The website notes that trading cards don’t are related to Trumps candidate. A business plan is to build up money for the campaign. This is a private act by Trump.