Everything, missions, skins, rewards are all sold

As soon as we have been promised, we have got a Fortnite collaboration with the manga and anime My Hero Academia, which brings new apparel or skin, cosmetic items, missions, rewards and the island of a herms training training. We were going to get to know all [] about the topic.

As soon as we learned, the original book is written.

We’ll learn about all this content, from looking at the announcement video.

All kinds of objects and costumes or skins of My Hero Academia in Fortnite, India.

These are the different skins and objects, which are already available in the store. We tell you the cost, too.

  • Izuku Midoriya (1.600 Monedas V): Includes alternative style, the retro backpack All Might figure (reactive) and a built-in gesture.
  • All Might 2 000, includes alternative style, the retro director nezu backpack and the built-in emote All Might Transform.
  • Ochaco Uravity Uraraka (1 500 Coins V): includes the Uravitys Backpack and an alternative style.
  • Katsuki Dynamight Bakug (1,500 Monedas V): includes the retro backpack for Granada and an alternative style.
  • All Might Bundle (2,200 V-Bucks): includes All Might skin and styles, Director Nezu retro backpack, All Might Lawbringer pickaxe, Symbol of Peace emote, and All Might Transform Built-In emote.
  • The class one-a-pack (2 800 V-Bucks) includes Izuku Midoriya skin, All Might Figure Back Bling, Katsuki Bakugo skin, Grenade Back Bling, Ochaco Uraraka skin, Uravitys Jetpack Back Bling, and Izukus Quirk emote.
  • There are 1500 V-Bucks in Class A Equipment Bundle. Includes Black Whip Axe pickaxe, Exploding Maul pickaxe, Uravity Hammer pickaxe and Hero notes emote.
  • An unofficial symbol of peace: 300 V-Bucks.
  • V-Bucks are 300 Gesture Notes from Heroes.
  • Pickaxe Black Cows – 800 Hucks, Black Jack, and Axe – Axes.
  • Pico uravity Hammer: 800 V-Bucks.
  • Pico-explosive deck: 800,000 V-Bucks.
  • Pico All Might Lawbringer: 500 V-Bucks.

Helping you to join My Hero Academia in the Fortniteisland hero training gym.

Only three items of this collaboration are paid. We may also use cosmetics for missions in the game. For them, we must visit the island hero training gym, which we can use in the menu the modes of game or the island code.

For the following mission we must go on by the end of December, 2022.

  • Complete the quest Help Eliminate Opponents on the Hero Training Gym Island, to get the aerosol deku.
  • Complete the quest to take the flight bonus onto the Hero Training Gym Island and get the aerosol Plus Ultra.
  • Complete four missions to get the Emotional Emoticon deku Gauntlet.
  • In order to earn the retro backpack of the AU Cape, complete eight missions.
  • Get Dekus Smashing!
  • Deal with opponents with explosives (0/500)
  • A Shock Hammer could take a while to rehydrate.
  • Salvate your training dummies from the water (0/6).
  • Eliminates the opponent (0/4)
  • I say the location is 0/3
  • Help people in the Hero Training center (0/5) to defeat opponents.
  • Score points by using the Hero Training Center (0/25) and winning prizes.
  • Eliminate the opponent on ice or in the snow (0/11).
  • Buildings can be eroded without fire.
  • Try to stand up in 25 meters of your opponent (0/1)?
  • The challenge is in 1 mile under the conditions of Rush, (0/1 000).
  • Check different places or regions (no other than them), or leave a drop of a drop off from the door.
  • Restore your health or get the shield (0/300).
  • Give a kick to the opponent with Dekus Smash (0/100)

Another article on collaboration

  • Las supply deliveries that fall from the sky have an All Might-inspired design.
  • There’s no better weapon than deku. By doing that we can use the power of One For All to attack rivals and destroy structures.

Fuente: Epic Games.