Games Store Free Game Dec. 15th and 5th to award Best Indie Game of 2020!

Gaming News Epic Games Store Games Games Free Game December 15th Best Indie Game of 2020! The Epic Games Store today offers a free game to redeem from the 12/16/2022 event. A kind of advent calendar that starts today with a [] videogame app that starts today with a [] call.

Gaming News Epic Games Store Free Game December 15. The best Indie game of the year!

Published on 12/16/2022 at 11:07.

From the 15th December to the 15th January, the Epic Games Store is offering an unlimited game per day for redemption. Videogame advent calendars that starts today with a game named “high marks.”


  • Epic Games Store is a game with a rating of four stars that can be picked up for free before 10:00 o’clock.
  • Video games, which include a advent calendar, and a calendar.

Epic Games Store: A game of 4.8%/5 that can be picked up for free before 5:00 p.m.

The Epic Game Store has won’t lose its habits this holiday season. It has a strong belief that it offers one or more games every week (Thursday 17 p.m.), noting that tradition. Since yesterday and until 17 oclockPlayers can take off the game for free Bloons TD6. You should control an army of monkeys to repel the invaded Bloons. The game features 56 hand-drawn maps that can test the brain of players. The latter will have multiple heroes to play with, but also different weapons to try a different customization option:

Bloons TD 6 can do more than seduce. We see an 85% note for the Epic Games Store page, and a total of 200,000 of them has experienced extremely positive reviews since its release in 2018. They’re more than Hades (192,000 reviews) and still voted the best indie game of 2020.

A calendar with video games is available for purchase.

It’s a tradition that the Epic Games Store continued for several years. This initiative comes about after the free games that the store gives away all year long. The platform offers three gamedays for download. So today the Bloons TD 6 and a new title will take its place from five o’clock. Please forgive yourself as the case.

While some seem skeptical at seeing such a great generosity through this gesture, and argue that the titles on offer are far from the quality of many blockbusters, it should be noted that there have been excellent games on offer in the past. That is applicable particularly to Prey, a title which works under the umbrella of the company Arkane Austin (in the current case of Redfall for Microsoft), but also to Control. For some players looking for new games, it is better if the holidays come.

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