Google would like your Android smartphone to have your driver’s and ID scanned

Let’s use our smartphone in the future so that we can identify ourselves. There are already plans for this, both at Spanish and European level, and that means we need to add applications like Google Wallet. [Google's Wallet: Anadir tarjetas de supermercado, entradas de cine y mas] So far, the [Google Wallet] app [] is free.

The future allows us to recognize ourselves by showing our smartphone. There are already plans for that, both at Spain and in Europe. And for this we need to add applications such as Wallet.

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The app Wallet works more well for us as well as processing credit, debit and points cards. In other words, it has a business function more than anything else. But Google is going to go further, and store all kinds of maps, all of which is a government map.

Google’s Wallet with ID provides online access.

After the initial announcement three years ago, Google is finally testing that feature, but only in the US and only for a small number of users. But this is a big step, since Apple is an Apple smartphone and has his own wallet that can store the ID cards already.

Currently, adding a card is easy than adding a credit card; if you can, open the wallet app, pick the individual option and make up the map. Once they’ve finished scanning, the copy will be stored in the wallet with the rest of our cards and can show it anywhere we want.

The card data is stored safely on the device itself, and isn’t transmitted to external servers; Moreover, they are encrypted, so it’s necessary to authenticate the mobile to see and share them, if we need them.

This card is virtual copy of the original but in no way replaces it and is therefore always necessary to make it with you; the laws don’t have any specific characteristics in mind. Even so, when we call at Google, we think we have some good ideas of adding our card to Wallet. It is really very helpful to get us to show it at US airports.

At the moment only Maryland in the US has joined this beta version, but state of Maryland is expected to also allow the use of Google. As it turns out, the rest of the world must wait, since this virtual copy can’t be used, and there’s no legal framework, and, as we already say, European governments are working on complete virtual versions of their identification documents, which, hopefully, could be compatible with these systems.

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