Have you survived the horror of playing Resident Evil VIII in VR?

resident Evil has made a dramatic leap with his seventh opus since in the version for PlayStation added a mode that enabled us to play a story in PS VR which the Japanese had in that time. Experience that has changed everything and is repeated today with Town since Sony is readying a new model of [] a new model of [] has changed everything and is repeated today.

Viktor Evil had a tremendous leap with his seventh opus since in its version for PlayStation added a mode that allowed us to play PS VR and the Japanese had in that time. An experience that changed everything and is repeated today with Townsince Sony is preparing a new model of glasses beginning in 2023. Can you endure an experience such terrifying?

You’ve never seen horror like that.

The latest installment of the long-running franchise came to us in May 2021. Resident Evil Village is a title in which we have to save the daughter of a sinister kidnapper who has been arrested by a sinister person and he has forced us to enter a mysterious city, filled with wombs, vampires, men wolves, evil dolls and lots of creatures, abandoned by the abode.

Now for a few months we have known that the eighth installment has a version of VR glasses and that will come when Sonys new hardware arrives. Yes, the official verification is already about when that moment will happen and when there’s just one option for another to revive Evil VIII. The whole experience is truly terrifying, but very few users don’t feel like losing profits. But we aren’t saying this allegorically, it’s in real life.

The bad news is that with PS4 and PS VR first generation users won’t have choice of how to use this immersive mode of resident Evil, therefore we’ll have to acquire the new PS5 viewer to use. It’s too bad, but we think Capcom has its reason for not taking the plunge.

Release date confirmed.

In order to get the VR upgrade, it would be useful at the moment that the VR project is coming in stores around the world. This means that those who have already bought this game since it started in 2021 won’t have to drop an extra euro to experience that experience, if anything else is possible, and eventually be able to fully be in it for free.

Please note that while a PS5 is possible, this virtual reality mode, unlike the VGA, can’t work on the network but by no means can exist in the compatibility register. A measure which, as we noted earlier, will be justified by the enormous change in the new hardware that Sony will sell in February: new orders, more sensors like the tracking eyepiece and the absence of a camera for trackear movements.

And that. Are you planning to play VR with Resident Evil Village?