HBO, canceled for free, on other services

West-world disappeared from HBO Max this week, along with other shows like Raised by wolves and The Nevers. But they will never be gone forever. The series are more or less licensed to streaming services with focus on free like Roku Channel or Freevee. According to the parent company, []

The western world was removed from HBO Max earlier this week, along with several other shows like The Nevers, and Raised by wolves, but they won’t last forever. Instead, the series are licensed to several streaming services, based on free ones such as The Roku Channel or Freevee. According to the Warner Bros.

The free subscription fees for these streaming services are recognized by the industry by FAST services. Due to the smaller budgets for original content, products like Freevee, Roku Channel, Tubi and Pluto TV often rely on licensing deals with other producers, which is a niche Warner Bros. Discovery hopes to fill the removed shows with its own service.

Of course, for those that pay attention to it, this is part of a larger cost-saving plan for Warner Bros. Discovery that has been playing out in the last few months. The cost-reducing fever began when Warner was merged with Discovery and CEO David Zaslav took over. Under Zaslav’s guidance, Warner has been setting long-in-development projects such as bat girlbrought James Gunn and Peter Safran into the studio as the new heads of the DC Universe and left many series and films for later licensing or simply to minimize incoming production.

Here’s a full list of things removed in the latest cull, which, the company says, will make an enviable return on FAST: the fox has released a full list of objects removed from the culls in the future.

  • Those wolves were brought on by the animals.
  • Legendary
  • Search for Magic Mike.
  • The wolf leader of the class is.
  • The wife of the time traveler is a time traveler.

Warner Bros. Discovery hasn’t announced which platforms these series will be moved or when they might be available again.