Henry Cavill loses Superman roles, gaining a 40K K Warhammer

Henry Cavill has endured a lot lately. One goes out of the way of a collaboration with Netflix. This means that his highly-praised role of Geralt of Rivia passed to Liam Hemsworth. As usual, he admitted to regret he won't play the Man of Steel until the end of 2015, as creative director James Gunn wants to make him [] []

During the past few months, Henry Cavill had to endure the pain. First the collaboration with Netflix expires, so that he’s a billionaire. In addition to Instagram Cavill announced with regret that he won’t play the Man of Steel anymore as his creative director wants to play a film with a young Superman.

In the street, there are light, but light is evident: According to media reports, Cavill will play a role and lead in the new Warhammer 40,000 Amazon series. With that, the 39-year-old Brit would probably play his way deeper into the hearts of gamers and nerds.

In this case, the long-awaited next-gen update for The Witcher 3 has recently been released.

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How does it get in after the next general update?

What’s not known about the 1940k Warcraft series?

There isn’t much information about the planned series yet. Even a well-known film publisher like Hollywood Reporter assures the show that’s coming, and Cavill is on board. Warhammer owner Games Workshop confirmed however that the 40,000-foot-high has been a licensed supplier of Warhammer.

This series will be on Amazon Prime if something unexpected happens. When is another matter? The series likely is only in pre-production, even if the real case is in the first half of production.

It’s not too surprising that Warhammer 40,000 has finally got a series adaptation. Until now, films have been under fire, were canceled or made by devote fans. Since the success of the video games, most recently Darktide and Daemonhunters, and the recent success of many game adaptations make it a very obvious move for the dark sci-fi scene to a series.


Warhammer Darktide is Here: This movie makes the Emperor happy (And the Demon Sick)!

Check the latest game entry in the time-honored tabletop setting in the trailer above. Warhammer 40K: Darktide is an otherwise prickly co-op shooter and vermintide 2; it would have thrilled us all if the technical problems hadn’t existed in time for release.

In addition, Warhammer 40K wants to stay in the gaming world, so long as it wins. Recent displays showed the greatest scenes of Space Marine 2 were made and Rogue Trader, a real role-playing game from the Pathfinder makers, is coming in the 40K world.