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Vinland Saga is a historical manga written and drawn by mangaka Makoto Yukimura. The series was published from April 2005 in Weekly Shonen Magazine, before it was moved to The Weekly newspaper for two months later in December 2005. The manga was inspired by Icelandic sagas. 15 Best Manga Like Vinland Saga You should read Read More.

Vinland Saga is a historical manga written and drawn by Makoto Yukimura. The series was published from April through March of 2005 by Kodansha in Weekly Shonen Magazine. Later, in December of 2005, it got moved to the monthly magazine. This manga was inspired by several Icelandic sagas and refers to the discovery by the Vikings of North America. The adaptation of Wit Studio is running out. This article will concentrate on manga itself, as well as a list of the top 15 best mangas that you should definitely read, like Vinland Saga.


– Injuries: August 1989 presentNumber of numbers: 41.

Berserk says the story of the meeting of Guts and Griffith, the leader of the Falcon Troop, a group of mercenaries paid by the uk of Midland. From this meeting will come an ambiguous friendship, but, still, efficient: the presence of Guts, a warrior with a disproportionate sword, will rapidly prove crucial to the ambition of the young Griffith, swashbuckler and outstanding tactician.

25 Best Manga Like Berserk You Should Read This Book.

The manga is therefore a book on the rise and fall of the Falcon Troop and the relationship between Guts and Griffith. It examines the particular a complex relation of interest, which applies to Griffith with its force of strong forces, mutual respect, both as soldiers, and deep affection, all inexplicably requires others presence.

Berserk probably is the close you will get if you want something like Vinland Saga. The plot is dark, realistic, and Miura ensured the plot was stunning and intriguing. This is why you will definitely love this classic.

I don’t believe it.

Original run: June 25, 1993December 25, 2012Number of volume: 30.

This is a Japanese story set in Edo era. The protagonist, Manji, is a warrior, who has an enormous advantage over his rivals, so no wound can kill him. He killed 100 other samurai, including his sisters husband. The unnamed nun has the highest ear of a man of 800, and gives him immortality through the worms called kessenchu, which heal any wound and restore the amputated limbs even though the amputation was hours ago.

Since he died of his sister, he has accepted the promise of ending his immortality. He must kill 1000 noble men for redeeming himself. Manji meets a young woman named Rin Asano and promises to help her avenge his family, who was killed by a group of expert swordsmen led by Kagehisa Anotsu. Anotsu killed Rins father and dojo.

Blade of the Immortal is more eastern than Western, but it really captures the spirit of Vinland’s Saga. The drawing style is very similar, so fans of Vinland Saga can definitely enjoy this great manga as well.

One-sided wolf and one-handed kings are the only two people that have one-seatering friends.

Six volumes: Seven in 18 and nine.

One of the great warriors of the Suio Ogami Itto became the shoguns executioner, the Kogi Kaishakunin, a position of great power used by the Tokugawa Shogunate (and the oniwaban and the assassins) to build the shoguns power over the daimyo. For the people of the samurai and feudal people that had to commit suicide, Kogi Kaishakunin would help them with their deaths by decapitating them to soothe the pain of cutting their own stomachs.

Two days after the birth of his son Ogami Daigoro, Ogami Itto returned home and found his wife Azami murdered and all of his servants had the surviving eldest son. It was all reportedly killed by three former samurai from the disbanded clan. Their feudal lord was executed by Ogami Itto.

Although Lone Wolf and Cub may be a Japanese story, and thus different than Vinland Sagas Nordic setting, there is no doubt that this manga classic is exactly what you want if you want a fantasy story.


The earliest date is January 25, 2003 presentNumber of Volumes: 11:15pm.

The story begins with Hermias, one of the Aristotles students, being tortured and interrogated in Assus, a city that is on the western border of Persian Empire. He is confronted with a Persian commander, Memnon, who asked him if his teacher is really worth dying for. It goes right back to Troy, where Aristotle, a student and a slave find Eumenes in a boat to do it that in an oar, as is the case.

They spend the night in there and discuss various topics like philosophy and slavery, and leave the next morning. The Persian named Barsine asks about the previous nights visitors.

As it’s said, this manga is ancient, but it’s set in Ancient Greece and contains the same atmosphere as the Vinland Saga. Historie is definitely another title to add to the list with great historical accuracy and brutally realistic drawings.


Id. 6, 2001October 4, 2014Deb. volume: 27

The events of Claymore take place in a made-up universe where humans and demon species, known as Yomanatural predators of humanscoexist, are known as “Specters”. The unique ability of Yomas to accept human condition lets them live by surprise within people.

Only the female fighters known as Claymores, which are beings forged from humans by the british organization, are capable of identifying these monsters and eliminate them. Due to their enormous blade, they are known as claymore. Despite their look visually pleasing, they don’t seem to have specific peculiarities. Their silver eyes, which are most physically attractive, also give them the nickname silver-eyed witches.

If you’re looking for something similar to Vinland Saga, you should definitely read CLAYMORE. The good thing is, that is quite similar to Vinland Saga, but contains more theological and supernatural elements.


Original run: February 4 – 2003ju 15 – 2004Number of volumes: 5 o’clock.

If the emperor Yveyasu Tokugawa decides which of his sons should replace him at the head of the empire, his adviser suggests an atypical contest. Just let the Emperors two ninja clans (one from Iga and one from Koga province) fight to death, with 10 ninja masters fighting for one or the other of his sons.

The winner will be deciding who will succeed to the throne. Ieyasu accepts this competition and said the Iga clan will represent his eldest son Takechiyo and the Koga clan’s second son Kunichiyo. The leaders of both clans happily accept the fight, but they have been in a Cold War for generations. Finally freed from the non-aggression pact forged by President, Hattori Hanzo, the members of the Iga and Koga clans take to the brink of their extortion.

For some reason, Gennosuke and Iga’s heirs wreak love forever. In such a cruel war, a pair of lovers are turned on each other to be reunited and become friends on the battlefield.

This manga is just another example of a great Japanese take on the genre as it combines all the best narrative and stylistic aspects of Vinland Saga into a truly intriguing story that you will definitely love.

Original Run: February 15, 2016 May 18, 2020Number of volumes: 23.

In Japan era Taisho, Tanjiro Kamado is the first child of a coal farmer’s father’s death. To support the family, he sells charcoal in the village above the mountain. They find little happiness all the time. One day, because the rumors circulating about a man-eating demon hanging around the pond after dark, he was forced to spend the night with a good Samaritan in the village. Then he starts to smell, and the fire smells very strong.

We actually decided to include this shonen title on the list because it has lots of similarities to the madness theme in Vinland’s Saga and the style is somewhat similar to it. It has a lot of supernatural elements, so it can expect less brutality, but Demon Slayer still deserves your attention.

Original file: April 25, 1994 September 21, 1999Nom – Volume 28.

The story originated in 1878 in Tokyo. Kenshin Himura, a ex-assassin nicknamed Battosai, literally master in drawing a sword during the Tokugawa reign, is hided from a very heavy past. Upon entering the Meiji era, he finds the country equipped with his sword with a inverted blade, to avoid the war and kill himself.

For classic samurai tales, Rurouni Kenshin certainly is one of the best. As for this type of style, that doesn’t matter as much as in Vinland, but the narrative and all ides perfectly fit this genre, so you can definitely try to delve into it.


Original Run: November 1992 Novembre 1996Number of volumes: 11:19, october 1997.

In ancient China, as the Battle of the Fighters, the war between these two kingdoms is now coming to an end. At that time, several schools were in competition, as well as the famous school of Mo, where a single student got to arrest more than 10,000 men. The secret of the power that hides behind the disciples of this school is their knowledge of military strategy and their ability to defend any town or village when they receive the power to control operations.

Ke-ri, the principal of this school, is a man expert in military and combat strategy. His job is to protect cities who have asked for help from Mossmen. Ke-ri will protect a lot of cities, meet companions and, more importantly, face the greatest enemy he has ever known: his own clan headed by Pei-Ping, who under his leadership, would go against Mos men’s original logic.

Bokko is a lesser-known title among those on this list, but we still think it’s worth your time. That story originated in China and it gives a lot of charm and realism of Vinland Saga, but the uniqueness of this story comes from nearby countries.

The stern of the north star is a proud fiancé of the North Star.

Original Edition: September 13, 1983 August 8, 1988

The story comes from a land devastated by a nuclear war in the 1990s and was the biggest, presumably, by the end of the 1990s – and remained a fairly good one. In the series introduction, you can see 199X, which is known for a ambiguous year near the end of the 20th century. In this post-apokalyptic world, survivors are either frightful bandits, organized into gangs that plunder and terrorize people, or poor villagers struggling to survive.

This title is quite different than most of the others on this list, but we both have one or two lacked the classic title, and that helps the list to a certain degree. Fist of the North Star is a contemporary and historical tale, and does a modern and dystopian story, and can be seen in a different way.


Original Run: September 17, 1998, 21 Mai 2016, (

In 1600, the war of Sekigahara took place, whose power was restored by the Tokugawa shogun. Shinmen Takezo, son of a great Samurai, is ready to do whatever they can to survive for the battle. After returning to his native village, the inhabitants rejected him for deserting. He began his lengthy journey with his objective: a vision of becoming Japan’s greatest samurai.

Vagabond is a long initiation manga that leads to a hero finding, to understand the world around him and himself and dedicating himself to the way of the sword. Changing her name to Miyamoto Musashi, he confronts the most powerful samurai, with whom he is chastised in a murderous spiral, and tormented by his love for Otsu, his childhood friend.

There’s another classic manga called samurai, as it’s also the only one that you should follow that list of the samurai mangas if you like Vinland Saga. The setting is pretty different, but your style, story, and atmosphere are a part of every wish.


Full title: 1998 2015By the moment an album is published.

At 16 years old, a talented young high school student slaughtered his parents. He will suffer the violence and humiliation of fellow prisoners and guards, incarcerated in a reformatory home. Beating, bullying, sexual assault you all name it. Meeting a strange political prisoner, a certain Kenji Kurokawa, an expert in karate, will change the course of his existence and make him an expert in fighting, ready to do anything else not to be killed.

After he was sentenced, he will become a gangman and a high-level sportsman, evolving in westernized Japanese society and building his own karate over the course of an encounter.

This manga is of modern-day quality, but it’s not true that Shamo has many similarities to Vinland’s story, and that’s really enough to fulfill all your needs. If you don’t know it, you’ll probably be satisfied.


Original run:February 15 at present (light novel). Countdown:15; Volumes :1.

In a whimsical universe where everyones fate is governed by dice rolls by destiny roll of deities, adventurers who are looking for wealth and glory are part of the Adventurers Guild. When a unfavorable priest joins the wizard d’unroosters, her first quest becomes a nightmare when she and his friends are savaged, a mysterious woman in armor, the Goblin Slayer, a powerful adventurer knight whose aim is to eradicate the creatures is to eradicate them.

A serious and aficious title, GOBLIN SLAYER! will give you all the needed stuff if you want a huge revenge flick like this one. At times, it might be even more brutal than Vinland Saga, but also expect many shonen tropes.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan was a legend of his father.

In the art form, a war opposes two kingdoms powerful: Lusitania, in the west, which venerated a god of God Yaldobaoth and wants to impose a religion on other kingdoms, and Parse, in the west, a rich polytheistic kingdom whose power arose from slavery. In the plains of Atropatenes, Andragoras III, the king of Parse, is going to face Lusitania’s army.

He’s very confident in his cavalry, who has crossed the border. The young prince, Arslan, is about to fight the first battle of his father. But a trap becomes a deadly trap: aided by the traitor Kahllan, and backed by a mysterious general hiding in a silver mask, the Lusitanians inflict an unrelenting defeat on the Parses, threw a frightening throne and robbed the king Andragoras III and planned to besiege Ecbatana, the capital of Parse.

This work is fictional but not that much if you like such stuff. It is pretty similar to Vinland’s Saga and if you have no idea this is the first time you’ll pick it, I will have some fun reading it.

The original file: 1994 2005Number of volumes: 36.

The events that occur in the third era of the Chinese economy while Cao Cao, the original character and the final Chancellor of the Eastern Han Dynasty (1515 March 220), is alive serve as the basis for the story of Soten Koro. Cao Caos continues to pursue a project to free China and its people from their outdated ideologies and thoughts, and to promote the emphasis on pragmatism rather than hollow idealism in the whole plot. This often contradictions him with accepted Confucian beliefs and others who maintain them.

This is a Chinese character, and if you are into such matters, this will certainly be a title you’ll enjoy, as it will help you get more than enough to enjoy.