In 2022, the top 15 best gifts to dragons and men in life’s memory were given by the collectors

Whether you're completely new to Dungeons & Dragons or already a player (or a Master of Dungeons) or know someone who's involved in this puzzle, our 2022 Dungeons & Dragons gift guide will be available to everyone.

Dark Knights will play for the silver screen next year with the new movie Honor in Thieves. With that in mind there are plenty of Critical Role and Dimension 20 episodes to binge. You or your loved ones can take on a D&D campaign on your own. If you are a player or a master of a Dungeon, then I think you will get some new supplies for the holidays.

Read on for the best gift ideas in D&D this year, for all DMs and players of any skill or interest level.

D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Island.

(Wizards of the Sea)

Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro Toys, publishes an existing Starter Set that’s suitable for beginners. Dragons of the Stormwreck Isle is the 2022 edition, which costs $19.99 and has five ready-to-play characters, six dice, 32 pages rules, three levels of three, and 48 pages adventure guide. All I need to do is pick a Dungeon Master, make small friends and gather on the table, either online or by person.

Besides, Inkarnate or Roll20 Subscriptions, D&D.

There are 325-5000 women on the sea.

As for any DM and players who prefer virtual experience to the experience in-person oneor, while those who only select the one option to connect with friends on the internet, a gift subscription to the tabletop roleplay simulator is indispensable. The yearly subscription begins at $2.99. Roll20 also offers other games and systems. A subscription starts at $49.99. Inkarnate is a real map maker with a lot of tools that make better visual aids. One year subscription begins at $25.

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Queen’s Deluxe Edition Bundle.

(Wizards of the Coast)

The book Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen just released the Wizards of the Coast and the Deluxe Edition contains a full-scale tabletop war game, the Warriors of Krynn.

The $155 set includes six ring symbols, 136 plastic unit markers, 10 two-sided battle tiles, 22 double-sided adventure tiles, seven custom dice, 92 tokens, 320 cards, seven card dividers, a storage tray, a rulebook, a scenario book, and a key moment tracker. You can also buy a copy of Dragonlance: The Dragon Queen with a bundle-exclusive foil cover and a bundle-exclusive Dungeon Masters screen. A digital copy of the sourcebook on D&D Beyond will be included.


When the utmost emphasis is on roleplaying, but the giftee likes getting into the world of Dulgeons & Dragons, the Dungeon Mayhem card game Wizards of the Sea is a great selection. The original game costs $15. It’s designed for 2-4 players and comes with 4 character decks and points trackers. This goal is to use combat and spell cards to attack other players and reduce their hit points, and while you can heal your attacks against you and hopefully turn the last character into standing.

In addition to the core game, Wizards published two expand packs of Dungeon Mayhem: Battle for Baldurs Gate (10.99), which introduced two new characters, and Monster Madness (24.99), which introduced six playable D&D monsters and a new ruleset for up to six players.

Mordenkainen is taking up a monster in the Multiverse.

(Standards of the Sea)

For the adventurer interested in finding out more about the monsters that were introduced in the 6th Edition of Dungeons andamp; Dragons, no further than Mordenkainan Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse, a book written from the original wizard’s story. A $44,99 guide book contains more than 250 monsters and a new stat block, a total of 30 playable species, and an updated version of monster lore focused more on the multiverse making it easier for DMs to add a huge array of backstories to any campaign, regardless of how it happens.

Rules in Chemistry play Mats.


For in-person game sessions where the goal is to travel or combat, DMs and players may benefit from visual aids that track movement and distance. The Chessex Role Playing Play Mat is reversible with squares on one side and 1-inch hexes on the other side and made out of vinyl that can be easily drawn with wet-erase markers then cleaned for the next session. It’s large 3448 inches over the water, making it effective in fighting or scenes of practically any scale. This excellent tool costs 38,55 dollars.

Magnetium Dice Test Die Hard Dice.

(The Hard Gallow)

Every person who sent dice flying over the table during a tabletop game can attest to the importance of a dice tray, which not only protects the dice but also the players hands and feet. The decision to roll the dice on a dice tray was huge, but it would result in the cancellation or interruption of the dice.

There are many companies that produce dice-trays of different sizes and portability. We recommend the magnet trays from Die Hard Dice – not only to get flatted for easy travel, – but because they’re velvet-lined to a nice edge and the corners are interconnected via magnet – making them easier for players who can’t manipulate snaps or buttons. It starts at 17:95.

Master Character Set gifts Set for Dungeon.

(d20Inspiration, Etsy)

For the perfect aesthetic, this $57.50 set from d20Inspiration on Etsy is a must-have. He has a Character Class jar candle with a customizable label, (scented with sweet tobacco, citrus and black teas), a matching Barkskin Spell candle, scented with pine and lavender, and a black and white seven-piece dice set with matching burlap storage bag. All of these items come packaged in a black or blue gift box with a custom label designed to add a D&D character sheet.

The Field Notes Fivee Journals of the XV (Familial Research Journal).


Field Notes made an amazing number of notebooks. Three styles are specifically for Dragons and Dungeons. The company publishes two-pack sets of 5e Character Journals, 5e Game Master Journals, 5e Monster/Encounter Journals, as well as an Adventure Set with two of the former, one of each of the latter, and two-pack of No. 2 woodgrain pencils. Individual journal packs run for 18.95, while the Adventure Pack goes for $69.95.

We Found a huge bottle of sweet coffee, which was really useful.

Coffee for everyone, don’t you?

If you love to eat, drink, breathe and even drink the D&D mythos, then look no further than Found Familiar Coffee. Since it was launched in 2019, this small business raises funds from the TTRPG industry to buy coffee, each bag has unique combinations and artwork, made up of Dungeons and Dragons-like names. Found Familiar offers year-round roasts, seasonal blends and decaf – with costs starting at $16 per month for individual bags or subscriptions priced at $15 per piece. They also sell mugs, apparel, and other items if you want to make a gift set of your own, and gift cards if you prefer to let the giftee pick their own potion.

The Game Masters Book of Trops, Puzzles and Dungeons.

(Media Lab Books)

If the player’s child is bored, a re-introduction in these gander’s playwritings is a distraction for the players. Media Lab Books is a trove of theories and stories from the game master, who will be working with players to play and entertain them and interact with others. The book is equipped with three adventure books can be used either directly from the book or directly for a complete campaign. This $20.69 book is part of the Media Lab Books series, which is quite useful in any DM toolkit.

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures Gift Card.

(Hero Forge Custom Miniatures)

For example, if your giftee plays D&D online or in person, they’d probably like to see one of their beloved characters realising it as a full-scale miniature figure. And they can create that miniature to their hearts through Hero Forge, which provides a wide variety of options for customization down the nitty-gritty details. Giving them a gift card which will partially or fully pay for their finished product is probably your favorite one for next year.

A chubby-style table adsorbs to the hot chocolate.

(ArtbyLuseals, Etsy).

All the battles for Dungeons and Dragons are hand-in-hand, and those 4 stickers from ArtbyLuseals are perfect for anyone who wants to show their pride with the roll of the dice.

The Quiet Year is on.

(Voried Without Cemetery)

The game “Dady & Dragons” is a dozen possible ways to build the world with it all: playing TTRPGs, to construct characters and characters, civilizations and religious rites, and more. This game uses maps for two-and-a-half adults to find how and when the community struggles anew, then try to rebuild over a quiet year. This is a game with 52 cards of a week. Every card triggers a different event and the Frost Shepherd arrives at the end of the year.

Each session is all over 3-4 hours, and the game set a 40-page booklet, a large card deck, a turn summary card, six dice and 20 Contempt Tokenscomes enclosed in a burlap bag for 47.97 dollars. The buyer can download the set in a PDF.

R-N-W Players’ gift set.


A papercraft publisher has curated a collection of Players Gift Sets using her always-available notebooks, notepads, stickers sheets, and more (including a coupon for future purchases). Every shade has a different colour and aesthetic. Midnight, Garden, Treasure, Wildflower and Village, together with two Game Master (Mini and Regular). Each of the gamemen costs $24.28, but there is $54.90 in the larger game master.

(featured image: Wizards of the Caribbean, Die Hard Dice, Field Notes, Found Familiar Coffee / The Mary Sue)

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