In order to win the prize, CCT Dreams the Colourful Blast of Christmas Cheer

NCT Dreams remake of H.O.Ts Candy swirls in their signature Neo Culture Technology flavour while spreading love. You're perfect for Christmas!

As cute as ever, NCT Dream is hoping to be a success in their candy business this Christmas. Dream came out with a refurbished version of the song on December 16, 2022, along with its popular music video.

Using the classic 96 video as inspiration, the group, while the same name as the 3rd generation, is still in the mood for its youthful 4th generation or Gen Z. The seven members of the group (leaders), Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle and Jisung, donning vibrant baggy attires as their seniors, and fusing the visuals of the video with their Neo Culture Technology concept.

A still from the MV.

The video is inspired by the first release of the album Glitch Mode in 2022. They hit the same arcade scene, with their new workstation, the Candy Factory, similar to their former Dream Lab from Glitch Mode.

In the 96 video, the five members of the group hurried upon the women and passed through costumes like Disneyland and dancing with a carousel. However, the winter special release of the 2022 winter release by NCT Dream is all about spreading Christmas cheer without slam a song. The septet, with its warm comfortable outfits, is a kid-friendly kid. Once they’re caught in the act, they end up decorating his festive tree and leaving the city after winning his heart.

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The video game setting allows them to catch a pixelated heart on the child while they watch that boy fall asleep.

A still belongs to the MV.

The rich choreography is quite inviting, and the audience will certainly follow along, especially as the members vocals make for a well-formed and enchanting harmony. And it does surprise that their constant love and friendship won back the hearts of one another. This song has been teeming with a cheerful and sanguine mix of hip-hop and is the perfect gift for the group at a time of the holidays.

Even though comparisons with the current release will not be much more accurate, 7Dream is able to work their charm – leaving us no choice but to give them the rest of their time.

Check out NCT Dreams Candy Music Video.

The first Winter Special Mini album, 7Dreams, is available now on all platforms. It can be heard on Spotify. The original remake is accompanied by five more b-sides Graduation, Tangerine Love (Favourite), Take My Breath, Moon, and Walk With You.

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