Is DC Studios New Logo?

Even if this leaked logo is legitimate, it may be a sign of the better times.

What hell is happening at DC Studios?

Henry Cavill is again Superman, the next, he doesn’t. We can’t keep up with the slow restart that’s happening at DC Studios. James Gunn (director of Sickness Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy) and Peter Safran (director of Shazam and Aquaman) are new co-chairs and CEOs of DC Studios. They are working on a superman movie, which isn’t exactly an origin story, but will explore the first ages of an elevated Smallville with Gunns signature tone and imagery.

Some people, like me, fear the quirky director becoming the ringmaster for a studio. It’s not difficult, especially since fans don’t know what direction DC Studios is going to be taking. Everyone’s still reeling from HBO Max canceling multiple movies and television shows, leaving a sour taste in a lot of mouths. How can someone trust a studio that does not know its own identity?

DC fans have watched the unconnected, disjointed visual storytelling for a decade. Despite a lot of the fact that the animated movies aren’t just good, but rather, a live-action style. Although it is easy to predict the difference between the casual and the fanatic, it started to be embarrassed to defend the failed franchise.

Good news, things look changing. What’s the old saying? Be careful what you’d like.

Patrick Schumacker, author and producer of the HBO’s Harley Quinn, may have accidentally leaked the new DC Studios logo. While he displayed a Batman figure, Schumacker can be seen wearing a DC Studios logo that hadn’t been seen before, where a member of the Justice League is sitting in his own hands.

The Flash Film News (@FlashFilmNews) December 16, 2022.

The graphic is new and fresh and, if legit, promises the studio is trying to renovate its image at a lesser cost.Warner Bros. and DC Studios haven’t confirmed the new logo yet, which we have only seen on Schumackers hoodie. The design was entirely possible for the hoodie which might have been a gift for studio creatives.

Home of DCU December 16, 2022 (@homeofdcu).

There is also the era of DC, when Henry Cavill isn’t our Superman, and Lady Gaga is a Harley- Quinn version. Everything’s possible. There will be good moments and probably good moments, but if DC Studios rethinks its image, even in the best detail (like the studio logo), this overhaul is likely a sign of better times for DC fans.

Heres to experiment and DC Studios finally found new directions.

The following image is Warner Bros.