It turned out that Donald Trumps 2nd major announcement was even more awful

While Trump trades cards reveal his clown's role, his second announcement is an important reminder that he is clearly visible in white nationalism.

Now that we all laughed over Trumps collection of NFT trading cards, let’s turn to his second announcement Thursday. a deeply concerning promise of disbashing the right-wing censorship regime and reclaiming the right to free speech for all Americans.

In an interview posted to Truth Social in six minutes, which was shared with The New York Post, Trump was using the conspiracy theories to stop conservative posts in stifling conservative comments.

In recent weeks, bombshell reports confirmed a splinter of state bureaucrats, Silicon Valley tyrants, left-wing activists and depraved corporate news networks conspired to silence the American people, said Trump in the video.

Like a fox, it appears that Elon Musk used to give the former New York Times columnist Bari Weiss the Twitter Files set of data. The files were about content moderation decisions on Twitter, and some discussions about the permanent suspension of Trumps accounts. After the release of the files the ex-Scott-Ross, a Twitter boss, faced violence threats, and were repressed for the attacks and threat of violence despite the release of the files — including accusations of pedophilia from Musk himself.

Social media has been fighting out all the false claims and misinformation from the past few years, as well as Anti-vaccine theories and anti-cancer rhetoric.

It’s vital to understand who and what Trump is saying when he uses phrases like freedom of speech and freedom of expression. To Trump, Musk and other right-wing figures, free speech is synonymous with right-wing speech. American people don’t include marginalized people like people of color, queer, or immigrants.

While Trump’s trading cards reveal what a clown he is, his second announcement is a sharp reminder of that he’s the visible face of a thriving white nationalalism movement in the US.

(Featured image: Brandon Bell/Getty Images)