Kojima hopes to be ready to reinvent new games & visualizations in 2023

The new company celebrates its seventh anniversary. As a reminder to the day, Hideo Kojima talked about the team history and its future, saying he wanted to give his next game and some visual projects in 2023. Kojimas long celebratory video started by him congratulating fans for their [] resentment.

Kojima Productions is celebrating its seventh anniversary in a completely new studio. In order to commemorate the event, Hideo Kojima talked about the team’s past and the future, saying that he wanted to announce his next game and some visual projects in 2023.

Kojimas was the second to upload a short celebratory video. He made a thank to fans and introduced himself to Death Stranding 2. It was promised to be a much better gaming experience than the first. He then touched on a completely new game and a few visual projects, and stated that he hoped to share more in 2023.

His completely new game will likely have been announced in a partnership with Xbox. It’s possible that this is the same game as Overdose, which is widely reported as a horror game that allegedly leaked a few times in 2022. As far as the mystic surrounding both of these two issues, it’s time consuming to tell if the Overdose is completely the Xbox game or something else.

Compared to Kojimas’s visual projects, clouds are very much cloudy. There’s a movie that, like Death Stranding, is coming up, which could be what he calls “Dishing Stranding”. Kojima Productions opened, for several months in November of 2021, a multi-media studio in Los Angeles that expanded into movies, television and music.

I used a songwriting and a film with stars from the 1977 movie “The Beatles.” Otsuka plays a wide variety of roles in Japan like: Jigen Daisuke in Lupin III, All For One in My Hero Academia, and Batou in Ghost in the Shell. He is famous for his characters in Kojimas games, as well as various Snakes in the Metal Gear Solid and Deaths, as well as The Hardman.