Loved Indie Developers become overnight Millionaires With new premier game

Since 2002, the Dwarf Fortress has been surviving on donations, but its developers are now going to be swimming in cash.

Twenty years after the brothers began, known as Bay 12 Gamesbegan, the procedurally-generated fantasy game Dwarf Fortress (that is now available in freeware) since 2006, the publisher released this on Steam for $99.99. Until now the game is only surviving on donations (for example, the page of the Bay 12 Games Patreon brings in a bit more than $10k each month). But now, the siblings of Adams are on the verge of swimming.

Within 24 hours of the Steam release, Dwarf Fortress broke its two-month sales goal. In less than a week it exceeded 300 thousand sales, meaning that after 30% cut, the Adams brothers will split about 6 million dollars between themand that is just based on sales from a few days ago. As far as we can tell, Dwarf fortress is still flying on Steam into peoples’ bags. It’s been added to the list of more than one million, and received nearly 12,000 remarks in an Overwhelmingly Positive score.

Basically, the fans, even for the most ridiculous reasons, love it. They told PC Gamer that their plans were to make millions as soon as they could. And that is great for their brothers and sisters. Then they announced a Steam version of the game that when they became first to be a gamer, they would like to pay for things like healthcare and pitch it out as quickly as they can.

People expect me to take care of myself, that’s what I will do, make sure my health is in order, make sure game is in order, and rest? You know, people and animals are among the things that are in trouble. Tarn said that children do not have school supplies at that time.

Now, when he tells the gamer, I need to change my mind. I really don’t have any ideas or plans right now. I just thought about dwarfs.

Zach says my wife has plans. We live in a little house, so buying a new house is important, as such, a dream.

As far as it goes, Tarn tells PC Gamer that Bay 12 Games plans to grow the tail on Dwarf Fortress as long as possible and be responsible for what we need to do today, the rest of our lives really. It’s a humble answer, but it doesn’t mean that the Adams brothers appear to be very humble at their incredibly popular and influential game for many years. Seeing Steam release surpass their wildest dreamsaved so quicklydidnt seem to have changed that.

(featured image: Dragon Fortress Steam)

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