Meet your genius: Do your best to kill enemies

With the launch of the new market in Spring 2023, Meet your maker officially handed its post-apocalyptic wasteland to players around the world. If the title is new to you, Meet your author is an original and built-in game driven entirely by user-generated content. Behavior Interactive prefers to create an experience as standard as an FPS experience.

With its initial production in spring 2023, Meet your maker will hand over the keys to its post-apokalyptic wasteland to players around the world.

You will find something new. Meet your creator is a building and raiding game which uses user-generated content. A unique experience with a standard FPS experience is offered by Behavior Interactive, a toolbox of worms, traps, guards and more. Interactive encourages players to create their own experiences and challenge each other.

Challenges involve standalone levels called Outposts, which are both built and invaded. This vast lorry fortress hides deadly deterrents at every corner. They also hold canisters of pure genetic material that you must protect or steal to advance in the game.

Meet your maker The builder/raider dynamic of the company is unique and we have to explore some of the ways it provides a unique and connected moment for players.

For any strategic multiplayer game, the same as asynchronous games like Meet your maker, Fairness is paramount. From design to gameplay, the team kept it on the ground.

Sometimes users generate software that carries its content to the heart of a movie. One should focus on the creme, perhaps by a rating system, says one writer. Meet Your Maker differs from this approach because it ensures that every outpost built is looted by other players, which is much more rewarding for our constructioners.

Despite the fact that the first-person perspective was in the best interest of shootingers, the importance of gaining control over gameplay was also important. Pannell continues. For one thing, the claustrophobic view is an interesting experience. A principle rule also exists: traps can be fired at an opponent without first seeing them, before they give them time to react. This adds to the death an inherent fairness and leaves no room for ambiguity, which at turn helps raiders learn and not repeat the same mistakes twice.

Sharing an outpost in Meet your maker means millions can interact with your content in the world. It’s a powerful prospect. The game guarantees a constant connection between creators and challengers, even if they aren’t online at the same time.

It’s very important for us to keep reminding builders and raiders both that they’re UGC on the other side, says Pannell. Raiders pick outposts from a world map that shows each of the builders names. The raider can even leave their own humble praises to the new owners, and leave the comments with words of appreciation for the future challengers.

Some similar social features offer a nice educational bonus, especially for builders. With our replay tool, you can watch a raider attack your outpost and try to make up the trouble of their failure or bang the table when they make it through. It is a real iteration of true people, and it really shows up, says Pannell. It really is nothing like watching a player fall for a clever set you built, or coming back to see a player who took thirty or forty tries to crack up a sexy outpost.

The Meet Your Maker skull system also allows builders to return to their outpost to collect a few valuable pieces of the skull from a raider’s death. Each skull is a name, a rank and the dead man’s story.

We also have a Social Raids feature, where every outpost is searchable and playable he continues. Find a player name you know and listen to the entire information in any time. That lets players share ideas directly with friends, forums or their communities. Social Raids don’t offer direct in-game rewards, but they offer replays and the chance for outposts to survive forever.

Even though Meet Your Maker is primarily asynchronous multiplayer mode, a classic co-op is always available. Players can combine their creativity and build with a friend or if they want to play as a team of two players.

This is a huge part of the builder/raider relationship. The new trap, guardians, mods and themed blocks are all included in the game. Building builders can be tempted to change their ways and exchange their creations.

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. It’s an important part of gameplay, noted Pannell. The Replay and Skull System lets you analyze every detail of your design in order to understand what is possible and what is wrong with us. You can come back in and learn from your mistakes and build a better and better place.

Outposts stay around the clock and have their own advanced, he concludes. There will be many raids on your creation, and it was important to us to give everybody the freedom to improve. We all win after all, if players better their content.

Meet Your Maker will be available on April 4th, 2023 on Xbox One and Xbox X|S. Learn more at