My son, Mr. Navardos is out of my mind, but I believe in yaya!

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 is being used a lot now for consumer reasons. And, instead of the fact (or perception) that for how powerful it's, it's merely too expensive. And maybe more precisely, it's a little too small.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 is now not just a popular choice among consumers. And not that its a bad graphics card, but more down to the fact that for as good as it is, its so expensive. That is a bit too expensive when it is for, on average, not in real terms, a lot of money, only a massive sum of 4090.

Overall, it looks like no longer Nvidia will have to blink and lower the price of the 4080 if they ever truly want it to move off retail shelves. It’s not surprising since the new version of the AMD 7900 XT/XTX has the pressure to release it now.

Even so, there’s certainly people out there who want the Nvidia 4080. However, they’re perhaps waiting so far a little for the price to fall even if they’re able to see it as a bit more representative of value. If you’re one of these, then a very unusual factor may come to your rescue. So simple, 4080 x 80 prices are falling in the entire Europe. Oh, and I don’t wish that Nvidia were having a bit of an annoyance, but with that.

Nvidia GeForce 4080 falls below MSRP in Europe!

After watching the videos, many European retailers started selling custom 4080 graphics cards for around 50 times cheaper than the original MSRP. Now remember, the Nvidia 4080 only has come up for around a month, this is clearly a majesty of the past two years before any planned price cut or typical sale event. Why are the prices falling?

Well, it seems like the US dollar is the biggest reason.

When Nvidia started the 1080 and 4090, USD was always high when compared to Euro. However, as of last three months, the price of the Euro (or a GBP for that matter) has decreased dramatically, so it hasn’t occurred yet again. As such, considering that the price of the MSRP is usually in the USD market, the return to currency has resulted in the higher level of comparative value of the currency, hence the need to negotiate a price lower than Europe, and better still, not by us, it can still continue to continue.

Will this tempt the buyers? Ehh, not likely. I still think that most think the Nvidia 4080 (rightly or wrongly) should cost around 1,000, rather than 1350. For example, the upcoming weeks might have a great time to get to the crossroads.

What are you feeling?