NBC: The creators of GTA 6 are talking on the nerves of fans on social networks… they don’t like it at all

Game news Rockstar: The creators of GTA 6 play with the nerves of their supporters on social networks and they don't really like it! Today, 12/16/2022 at 9:20 p.m. With only a few days to begin in 2023, we can only watch what has shaped the game over the past year.

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Published on 12/16/2022 at 21:20.

It is only two days before 2023 that we can easily take a peek at the shaped video games over the past 12 months. Anyone who watch videogames closely will cite a huge leak surrounding Grand Theft’s new car. The Rockstar Games studio has been working for several months to heal the wounds of these leaks and the developers are trying to resume their communication around their titles. However, players don’t always agree with the way they’re lured into social networks.


  • It’s a monstrous leak, which traces remain.
  • A hallucination or an auto-situate?

Unheard leak left traces still.

The Rockstar Games developer was obviously busy until summer. We shouldn’t have expected such a media quake or such a case in New York. However, if we could’ve feared the worst for the future of the Grand Theft Auto license back then, the game publisher, Take-Two, delivered a reassuring speech in the weeks that followed. Contrary to what we will think, its not so much the sixth part that worries the Rockstar Gamesbut in fact the fifth episode and the last years of its commercialization.

After the tidal wave was over, the Rockstar developers were able to agree on a better rebound for a little while. The developer studio decided to protect itself as much as possible on social networks, to take an action that kept her afloat and continue working in peace. Especially on GTA V and its multiplayer counterpart, GTA Online begins the exploration of the future of the franchise. The first step was to introduce future GTA VI headliners, starting with the revealing of Lucia, a forthcoming female heroine, in GTA V.

You know the hallucination or the grand Theft Auto.

Currently, it’s hard to predict when the Rockstar games will definitely break the silence grand theft auto 6. However, if there haven’t been a clue leaked on the internet for a few weeks, they’ve begun to find a possible exit windowwithin consideration of Microsoft’s efforts to plan to release the video games in the coming years. On the player side, we’re waiting for the smallest information. But wait is getting very long and the impatience is growing so soon that the ardent Grand Theft auto community gets irritated.

Before you give up everything surrounding you Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games continues to spoil its goose that lays the golden egg with new content online. In this case, a new chapter with six missions and called Los Santos Drug Wars entered the game and introduces us to a new team led by Dax who dreams of fame and fortune. To promote that, Rockstar Games decided to post a video that was, enigmatic and more than mesmerizing, but aimed not at the community. As for the tweet, a huge crowd of gamers wondered whether it wasn’t an mention of the GTA 6 reference. They became familiar with GTA Online, and quickly understood the deception.