Next Order has released a new Gameplay trailer; Launch Bonuses, Bandai store beanies

Bandai Namco released a new trailer for the forthcoming Nintendo Switch and Steam series Digimon World: Next Order. It introduced prospective players to the adventures, exploration, development, characters and more.

Moreover, the pre-ordering of the game at the Bandai Namco store grants an official beanie. The bonus points include the parameter boost set, the summaequetrine and the Sacrimperine Digivolve cores.

You can click on the new Digimon World: Next Order gameplay trailer below.

One of the characters from the first PlayStation game was the sequel to the original version of the game from 1999. The story of a young boy who goes to the Digital World during a crisis ends up in an open world of raising sim and RPG. It’s up to the player who plays the role of a young female person to raise their partners and learn the real world.

This is especially true if you have two partners at a time. It doesn’t only mean the double space and more coordination in management simultaneously, it also opens up possibilities with a type advantage/disadvantage control and the classic DNA evolution (jogress). On top of that, there are over 200 Digimons that the player may have as partners.

Digital World: Next Order will go to Nintendo Switch and Steam on February 22, 2023.