Next Splatfest, is this where Team will you pick?

Image: Nintendo has officially begun the countdown to the next Splatoon 3-Splatfest. The following day of the convention asking the question, What's your favourite taste sensation?

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo officially started the countdown for the next Splatoon 3 Splatfest which will be a good one. The next event, when it comes to the last Pokemon-themed approach (and in no way related to the horrifying eating Pokemon trend), asks question, Wheres your favourite taste sensation?

Since beginning on the 7th January 2023 and beginning just before the 9th, the taste bud war feels like it had been a long time to end. After all, it has been another month since we were all representing the last inky dual.

The next time we get the new Splatfest!

Go and take it out for your favorite taste: Spicy, Sweet or Sour.

Nintendo of Europe (@NintendoEurope) December 16, 2022.

We guess that the event will follow suit with the splatfests of the past and bring the voting booth to Splatsville around a week before the event begins (potentially around 30th December, 2022).

As soon as the tournament opens, we will cover the entire area with our Splatfest guide. After you get all of the details from the event and who will be gone and who are now the winner! See him below.

Will you pick Spicy, Sweet or Sour for your team?

What Splatfest team will you choose? (242 votes)

  • Team Spicy 31 %.
  • 55% of the group is sweet.
  • Team Sour 14 %
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