Nintendo confirms that Australia has recovered Fire Emblem amiibo figures

You can really remember that the Fire Emblem amiibo is a figure. Well, they will be replaced now at least in Australia. Nintendo has the information shared by himself, who says it is going to replace all the figures in the franchise, both those of the Smash Bros. collection and the [] number [].

You will surely remember that the fire emblem amiibo figure. Now look to be replaced, at least in Australia.

The information was shared with the console itself, who mentions it would replace all the figures of the franchise, including those that are already on Smash Bros. and those of Fire Emblem, through My Nintendo Store. This is done ahead of the premiere of Fire Emblem Engage, which is compatible with any combination of amiibo and amiibo.

We must be attentive to see if they are replaced in other territories. What do you think? Are you interested? You can report articles here on amiibo.