Now you can pre-order a PS5 on Amazon

It's hard to get a new generation console. It's very difficult. Stock is only limited. To buy a PS5 is a gamble. However, as Sony pointed out, things are changing quickly. In fact, in Spain, as soon as you buy a few ghasts of overpriced packs, the more price you bring, the better you will buy a PS5 like any other, and the more expensive ones it costs.

Finding a new generation console is difficult. Very difficult. Stocks are still limited, and it’s an odyssey to buy a PS5. However, so as Sony pointed out, things are going to change slowly. In fact, in Spain, when the price of overpriced packs hits high, it looks like only a little bit of a fortune to buy a PS5 like any other product.

This is an indication of Amazon’s latest movement for the first time in a long time, as it allows you to pay for the first time in a long time to buy the console with the original price and receive it when it is available. Until now, either you were lucky to catch a limited stock, or you landed the extra price of the pack or it just came out as out of stock.

Sony has already pointed out that for Christmas was better, and perhaps in the first quarter of 2023, it would be easier to buy a console. With less impact, things won’t be completely change in a few weeks. But you can pre-order a PS5 now on Amazon and with a guarantee you’ll see what they come in.

And it’s that you have said that while you’ve tried selling a PS5 in Spain, it’ll be worth a chance to get there, or you’ll have spotted that. If you’re in the ring of more than 800 dollars, either you are able to sign up for the endless waiting lists, or you quit. First step towards a normalization of the situation is a push for a new generation of the old-fashioned user to take a product like this for months.

Although PS5 is a global issue, it’s not only in most European countries simple to get some control over one issue, but also to get some control. For example, in the UK can be bought by Sony, and easily and regularly, but that’s not required.

For now, we will have to settle for Amazon reserves, which has the console available in both versions, to buy and receive when they are finished in stock, without having to wait. Since it also allows the financing of the console, you can be lucky to get it for Christmas.

With the exception of Amazon andIt, Prime users can choose to buy it first by choice. You can get Prime Free and use the console.

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