Of course, the Boys had the best response to Donald Trumps cruel NFT Scheme

At least The Boys got to laugh through all the nausea caused by the FTP.

When I catch up on the latest news around the web, something will look like a joke. We’ve got QAnon since just now realize that the most famous band of all time was The Beatles. Or are we a cable news network trying to push a military pup kink conspiracy? These two are real things that happened in a hurry!

We’re all trying to do our best, keep us quiet, and get back to the holiday. But now this strange and wild news isn’t leaving us. The clown who won’t go away, also known as Donald Trump, dropped 45,000 NFTs showing himself in bizarre (very photoshopped) masculine poses to grab fast cash. It would be embarrassing, but it was painfully true. It’s obvious that the Boys had a way to express our anger, even if they did not know how to say anything.

Are all villains wear American flag capes?

Do somebody think that’s exactly what he really looks like? (image: CollectTrumpCards.com)

Of these horrible NFTs there are many of the horrible images to choose from. In one video, Trump plays hairdresser as a sheriff. There is another place where he rides an elephant like a big boy. So the actual image, which still stands out, seems to be a very realistic art with Trump. The superhero getup looks pretty similar to one worn by Homelander on the The Boys, even at the U.S. flag. There is another one that Trump is pointing out the red lasers, as well as the Homelanders superpower. They made their own massive announcements perfectly.

The official Vought International Twitter account announced an online trading card for Homelander. Of course the tweet reads pretty like Trumps owns this is an exciting price, so you should buy now before all of them are gone! The picture showed that, of course, Homelander looked into the distance. Maybe when I buy the Homelander digital trading card, I will become as cool and feminine as him.

No wonder a huge announcement: Official Homelander digital collection cards have come to the airport! Celebrate the true identity of our greatest heroes and your crimefighting career by building a beautiful, non-fungible JPG of him.

Vought International (@VoughtIntl) December 15, 2022

Many of us are laughing at the hilarious similarities between Trump and Homelander, but I think that the irony will be lost on Trump and his followers. They’ve been thinking that it would be better if Trump was compared to the villain from The Boys. We think they’re both in many ways, but not all of those similarities are worth celebration. A villain is only an alternative to the one that can take away. It also lets everyone pick the villains up for success, as long as they continue to act like each other.

(featured image: Amazon Studios)