Old $100 Diablo IV Collector’s Box does not include game cards

Blizzard/Kotaku Blizzard is buying a special worth nearly $100 DiabloIV with lots of items. But it doesn't include the game. Although Blizzard isn't trying to fool people into buying this game-free box accidentally, it seems very odd that there isn't any other option to get the game.


Blizzard now takes pre-orders for a small special worth nearly $100. But it doesn’t cover the game. And while Blizzard isn’t trying to fool people into buying this game-free box, it seems very odd that there isn’t any other option to get this expensive pack of demonic goodies.

The video games and movies of the collectors are increasingly popular over the past decade. Personally, I didn’t feel like all the random gubbins and statues that usually come in those expensive packs, but they helped me get it. Those people love to collect everything related to their favorite series or franchise. No matter what you want, you should be careful. Just don’t get confused and think that the $100 collection box really contains the game that the title says.

This week Blizzard started offering the DiabloIV limited sizing box at the Merch store. This big box cost about $96,66 (I see what you saw there) and contains all these items:

  • Clothings of the refugee land map.
  • A pin of a golden slender slur.
  • DiabloIV Collectors Edition Art Book.
  • Frosted Artprints (x2) 18,54 x 10,79

It is very cool but you’ll find that the game is not part of that cheap package. Blizzard isn’t trying to fool anyone now. There’s clear enough in the store description to show that box doesn’t have the game. It doesn’t sell a box on Battle.net but sells it on its merch, separateting it from its video games store. Also I don’t try to tell you, that Blizzard is trying to pull some fast and trick the die-hards Diablo Getting players to spend over $100 on something that doesn’t include the upcoming ARPG. I just say that its a bit strange, so here’s the whole thing.

I think the choice is the right one for people who prefer to buy a digital copy of the game on a third-party site, or who want to give a physical gift to those who already pre-ordered the game, that’s a good idea. But why not have a new version that costs 60-70 dollars more and includes a code for that game? Maybe a discount! Even though this might make things more confusing.

DiaboIV will be released on June 6th, 2023, on Xbox X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PC and PC. If you want this box, don’t buy it. If yes, buy the game with different players.