OPPO wants to have the best mobile for 2023. A leak indicates that the OPPO Find X6 might be able to do that

OPPO has been making a good cell phone for a while. It's been fighting against the market giants to continue to grow in market share. The Asian company has been doing more than anything but the personalization, which seems key to that growth. This is the most important thing in Android.

OPPO has been making quality cell phones for some time now and is fighting to keep growing in market share. For the last two or three years, the Asian firm invested much more effort into something that seemed key to its expansion: personalization. I think they have so many resources that only can I tell them apart, because in Android, there are many different categories of resources and disadvantages.

That’s the reason why OPPO uses chips in its own home. In the past few days the MariSilicon Y went out and presented the new Discover X6, or the MariSilicon X which already improved the photographing of the Find X5 and would do the same with his next generation. And precisely of the photography we began speaking, because future OPPO Find X6 wants to present a lot of war in this area. Their cameras just leak.

The Find X6 wants to lead mobile photography.

After presenting its two new foldable cell phones, the OPPO Find N2 and the OPPO Find N2 Flip, it seems that the brands attention may be the next leaders of its rigid screen catalog. That makes for a return to the front row of the OPPO Find X6. If everything goes well, there are an OPPO Find X6 and a OPPO Find X6 Pro coming, with a Find X6 Lite coming at the same time or maybe later.

These OPPO Y6s have been in the works lately and the latest is telling us about their photographic equipment. Since these parties are usually regular, so that we can use some more specific specs to put it on the table. The price of these projects is the highest level of success.

We had some data in hand. That the main camera will be 50 megapixels, and a second camera with an extraordinary wide angle lens will be 50 megapixels. The telephoto lens was unveiled and the 32-megapixel one was unported. In spite of the new filtration, it’s more complete.

This leak tells us that the main 50-megapixel camera will be a Sony IMX890, which has a f/1.8 aperture and has an optical stabilization. The same leak inflates the number of telephoto lenses and appears to be 32 megapixels but 50 megapixels. Digital and hybrids are also known.

It is also said that Hasselblad will again intervene in the camera software, and perhaps in the design of the lenses himself, while the MariSilicon X will renew its appearance with the controls of digital image processing. All this is supported by other data such as a 9.2 millimeter x 120 oz, the 12,3 millimeters that it will reach in the camera module, or the 207 grams of weight.

Until OPPO presents its next creation, the filtration process continues to function its normal rhythm. We don’t know if it will be at CES which is in 2023, if it’s at Mobile World Congress in February, or if we have a specific event for the presentation between the two dates. Have to wait. While it’s happening, the frustration of the OPPO Finding X6 with its photographic powers continues to decrease.

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