Pokémon Anime and offering Farewell to Ash & Pikachu 2023; New Dual Protagonists & Series”embarrowed

The Pokemon Company announced a truly shocking development; the anime series will release in 2023 farewell to Ash and his Pikachu as the greatest characters. After 25 years, fans will be watching the final 11 episodes of Ashs and Pakachus on January 13th, 2023.

Then, in April 2023, a whole new anime series will begin. It’ll feature two new dual protagonists in the Paldea region, Liko and Roy. The new starters from the region are shown along with them, and sign a new start for the series.

In all honesty, even as someone who stopped watching the show around a decade ago, it seems indescribably surreal to see Ash leave as the main character, just considering that it has been more than three decades. The world begins to grow slowly. I am curious to see how the show will handle those new actors and whether they will be like any other one and make sure they are connected to the past. This is a pleasant time.

The official video with which the anime series will change will be recorded below announcing the changes: -The Japanese anime page, the Japanese anime game – The Japanese anime series – The Japanese ‘Tima’ is playing.

Pokemon ScarletandPokemon Violetare is currently available for Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon ScarletandDownPokemon Violet are the first of the new series that debuts the ninth generation from the Paldea region.

With inspiration from the last console release,Pokemon Legends: Arceus, players are now on the verge of exploring an ambitious open world where there is no set story order for game progression. In addition to the new Starfall Street and Herba Mystica routes, three story paths are for each other.