Pokemon The Journey Trailer: The Athletes Story is Coming to an End

After more than two decades of adventures, Earth's descent toward Pokemon is about to end. The official Pokemon Watch channel uploaded a new video with the highlights of the Ashs quest, followed by an announcement showing an 11-episode series that will begin on January 13, 2023 [].

After over two decades of adventure, Ash Ketchums journey in Pokemon is about to end.

The official Pokemon YouTube channel posted a new video that shows the latest progresses from every single Ashs quest. This followed by announcing an 11-episode series that will start on January 13, 2023 is launching. This section features a nostalgic remix of the iconic first English theme song / the backing track.

This is followed by a brief teaser for a new Pokemon series that follows Riko and Roy as they begin their own journey as well as the recent Paldea regions starter Pokemon: Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. This new story will begin in the month of April 2023.

Watch out the Pokemon Ultimate Journey trailer below.

The Pokemon anime started in 1997 and has followed Ash Ketchum (or Satoshi in Japanese version) and his Pikachu and their adventures across various regions, pursuing a series of different friends and monsters to become a Pokemon Master.