Private Study Review: Stylish without substances

Private Lessons is a beautifully filmed film that ends in a beautiful, bright visual direction.

Private Lessons is a Romantic-comedy film directed by Kivanc Baruonu and written by Murat Disli and Yasemin Erturan, which stars Bensu Soral, Halit Ozgur Sar, and Helin Kandemir. The movie lasts 89 minutes.

Netflixs description of this movie reads:

Azra, who had a personal tutor, secretly coaches students on achieving their goals in life and love, but not without a few bumps in the road.

Private lesson review doesn’t entail Spoilers.

Private lessons don’t allow the slightest to learn. It jumps headfirst into Azra’s profession and gives Hande a quick look at what will happen in the next a half hour. She also meets Burak, her to-be love interest, within the first 15 minutes, and he’s as much an annoying alpha male as you’d expect.

In any case, Burak is important in this story. As far as I have been concerned, Hande, and Azras next step, are a serious, unobstructed loser. She should make sense of her own personality. Although she will be a muse and be comfortable, she does not think that she is any other girl. To be honest, she wants the same thing as them, so you know teenage hypocrisy.

The story seems impossible, a godsend for such films. There is so little substance here that it’s a mystery that translates to a long movie. Hande, the cute virgin who was addicted to books, is now slamming tequilas on a party, and you know the upcoming conflict will definitely come from her.

It’s very cliche and really nothing new. The life coach is at the worst of the lot, with a clear, optimistic mindset. I felt sad to report to the irritating protagonist, but the others are a bit of an outrageously popular movie. She resembles the only one with whom you can talk a lot.

Something that might be funny turns into pretty annoying and then turn into even more annoying. It loses its charm in a while. I didn’t find that Azra repeating Handes mistakes rather annoying and oddly cute. He can stand a funny still and laughs at her clumsiness when she faces similar situations.

Before the movies are over, Azra faces various obstacles, allowing her to save her little minions. His passion to help them is interesting, but man, those kids can’t do anything, can they? The movie ended up on a big, with the contents smoothing fast and perfectly over. Azra mastered everything before it goes bad.

Summing up – private lessons, lesson.

If you need something light and breezy, you won’t have to think about anything, this is a perfect one to watch. It looks great and everyone’s very stylish. Bensu Soral looks like a dream, so if you don’t know what the story is about, then you should watch this one, too.

Private lesson is streaming on Netflix.

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