Remasters are very good news to fans

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden will return soon to our consoles with excellent news. Does Persona mean you anything? This now ultra-cult license exploded over Persona 5 years ago. A unique saga from JRPG now has a lot of followers, and is ready to release two of its old [][s] old collection, one [[which] comes from a close up and is now in love with his collection.

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden will return soon to our consoles.

Does Persona mean anything for you? This new super-low license exploded with Persona 5 a few years ago. A unique JRPG-saga, which has huge followings, now has two different episodes coming out on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Please note that games, of course, are not playing in PS5 or Xbox.

At competitive prices, the number 3 and 4 are available with new features.

3 and 4 are effective in having the right to retain their remaster since the January 19, 2023 date that he announced a few months ago. But today’s good news is that these games come at low prices along with new content. As of now, Altus has announced that its games are being sold individually for $39.99 or as bundles for $3.99. Good news for players. We should pay full price, but that was the case with the royale version individual. This agreement seems quite right, for two very good remastered games, that have the right to new features as a bonus.

In these new versions of Persona 3 wearable etc Persona 4 Gold You can choose between multiple difficulty levels ranging from extremely simple to very difficult. It is also possible to save your game whenever you can, except if you are not involved in combat. Finally, the persona 4 gold has an iPeace to relaunch short stories from the ground.

as a reminder that Persona 3-wearable was released in June 2011 while Persona 4 Gold was born on the APS Vita in June 2012. Both titles are already reboots of games on PS2 and PS3 and will also be eligible for PC ports a little later. A few weeks ago they were coming to the consoles by January 19 2023 in the marketplace and will also incorporate Xbox Game Pass once they make its debut. Ideal during the wait for your own persona 6.