Republicans once again say the only thing they get is not caring about life

Three republicans who are pro-life support a bill that will give a basic support to pregnant workers.

Abortion advocates have long fought back against the rights attempts to compel the people to promote the free movement. If they were actually successful, they would want more than forbid women from giving birth; they would want to improve their fitness, the emotional, and the financial well-being of people post-birth and especially pregnant.

But they don’t. We already knew this but it’s likely never been clearer than with the pro-life response to the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA), which aims to provide pregnant women with basic and necessary workplace accommodations, and that Republicans just blocked for ludicrous reasons.

Senator Thom Tillis from North Carolina spoke yesterday from the Senate floor in behalf of himself and two others Republicans (James Lankford and Steve Daines) and it is hard to believe none of them even had trouble reading through the short text of the bill they were opposed to. Tillis said they couldn’t support a bill which requires employers to provide accommodations such as leave to obtain abortions on demand under the disguise of pregnancy-related conditions.

A little bit clear, this bill doesn’t apply for it.

The federal government shouldn’t promote abortion, nor should it mandate that pro-life employers and employers in states that promote life-like labor facilitate abortion on demand.

If you’re paying a dollar, it’s not what he wrote. Like that at all.

The bill gives clearer picture. It’s intended to reduce the discrimination and promote women’s health and economic security with an adequate workplace environment for workers who need a temporary absence from work.

This republicans might think that related medical conditions are the rule to abortion. In the essay of the novel, it is based on the facts of the essay, but the kings say that it’s possible, despite that the bill sponsors deny it’s an even possibility, since the book doesn’t override Title VII, which prohibits discrimination against employment, and even on religious grounds. That’s a logical explanation of abortion discrimination.

What are the Pregnant Workers Fairness Acts?

The reality is that the bill is specifically designed to allow pregnant workers to get access to things like water and the necessary bathroom breaks. (Looking at you, Jeff Bezos). It could help outdoor workers transfer their duties to indoor work in spite of extreme heat. It could guarantee workers a basic room, such as a stool that they can sit on. It makes sure that pregnant workers are safe and comfortable and no need to be confused between their pregnancy and their job – as is now often the case.

As Sarah Brafman, the national policy director of the advocacy group A Better Balance put it when she recently spoken to The 19th, it would ensure that women and postpartum workers can receive adequate employment accommodation, for pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation, so they can still work well and remain healthy.

Tillis and his colleagues are opposed to the bill and refuse to support pregnant workers because of an abortion obsession, is something that it isn’t even related to? is so unremarkable to their true values, the law doesn’t include women, and pregnant people.

The bill has already passed the House with big bipartisan support (in its final vote, 1515101). This three republicans blocked an agreement for unanimous consent (which acceded to the passage of its request), but according to HuffPost, lawmakers are pushing to get a vote another before the beginning of the month, but a date hasn’t yet been set.

Between them, congratulations to those who got attention they clearly wanted for their obstinate ignorance.

(image: Paul Morigi and Getty Images to make a better fit)